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Alastair White  DOHERTY'S GYM FOR LIFE 🍪

When the boys get up you for being a lil bitch 😉
@christian351 having a bad start to the day until we got behind him and presto back on his game.
In between selfies and snapchat filters we do actually train.
Photo: @carla_fink

A long way away from gym, I like to do this to cars. Bring them back to life. This one is a keeper, so I've not left a stone unturned.
From this morning a bare interior, to now 12 hours later, a complete and utterly immaculate finished job.
Now it's off to my mate @max_mcginnis who will bring the body back to A1 condition with a few little dents to be massaged out and a little paint here and there.

Started a renovation 3 months after finishing the renovation.
Private studios have now been opened up to create a smaller open space for 3 artists to have a micro community in our big community.

Followed by a PB of 140 x 10.
Piss weak to most.
Pretty strong for a bean stalk.

Initially I thought maybe the mono lift needs dynabolts. Then I came to the conclusion I'm just an amateur at using one so next time I won't be so clumsy.
The last time I squatted 180 I was wearing a blue flanny. Next week I might drag it out and see if I can get that elusive 200.

Could it be he is religious?
More likely he's catching a breath between wrapping his knees. Big man turned it on this morning. I reciprocated. Good to be back training here alongside him where the atmosphere is highly anabolic.

Sold the Senator. Happy buyer I guess? 🤔

As of Monday next week the Dave & Al show will be back in full swing.
I remember two years ago my strength made a significant jump simply watching and following. In fact I got so godly strong I was able to perform a 1RM of the 3 major lifts equal to his 20 rep working sets.
The guy is a barbaric ruthless savage. He goes alright in the gym too.

This is Grant.
Grant doesn't bother with IG.
Grant likes to ram his head in to the wall before his set to rev himself up.
Grant is hyper focused for the period time he is training.
Grant and I don't talk in between sets, in fact we don't speak at all; Just exchange grunts and nods.
Everyone should be more like Grant.

For Sale:
VZ Senator Skaife Edition build #34/50
LS2 Auto 147,000km
Immaculate condition.
Cream leather and suede.
Tyre pressure monitors.
AP racing brake upgrade.
HID driving lights.
All factory options.
Tell your mum, nonna, neighbours and cousins.
$25,000 as you see it with RWC.
Substantially less on standard senator wheels and no RWC.

Today's selfie featuring my new marine cut that tipped $2400 in to the leukaemia foundation last Friday.
I should be smiling about that but smiling on a deadlift platform is strictly forbidden 🚫

Not really fussy about what work trucks we roll with.
As long as it's black, starts with an F and is blown.

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