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Alastair White  DOHERTY'S GYM FOR LIFE 🍪

The day after deadlifts why not squat.
140x9. I know there are teenage girls in Russia squatting more than me and that's what drives me to keep going.
Great crew we have here in the mornings. How fucking lucky we all are to be training in a tunnel with hoarded up windows that make it feel like a dungeon.
We have 5 squat racks and this morning they were all booked out. Like everybody else, I had to join the queue.

Pardon my rant. It's been a frustrating week. Only trained once since last week's deadlift day so the self-doubt in the past 24 hours has been overwhelming.
I still feel young, physically & mentally, but now and again I think in reality I'm old now.
I've been in gyms for over 20 years. When I was 18 I observed how infectious it was on the gym culture to see the gym owner get amongst it, regularly train twice a day just so he could get the serious work done in the morning, then have a more social hit-out with us younger guys in the afternoon.
When I started working with @tonydohertyoz in 2003, he was about 39 I think, and he trained every morning, with the exception of the week or two leading up to the Aus Grand Prix Pro Show.
Now I'm 37, whether I like it or not, I'm the old dude to the younger guys, and I feel it is my duty to pass down the lessons taught to me a generation ago.
These days, you hardly see any gym owners training let alone even on the gym floor.
There is truth in the saying fake it until you make it, but for these poor folk, they will never make it. You can't cheat the iron. You can't fake pulling over 200, you have to earn it.
At this age I'm so grateful that I still love training, and if the hunger is still there, I still love competing.
We are a dying breed us bodybuilders who used to do it well before social media.
Anyway, here's a video of today's 230x6. I don't command an audience but then again I'm pretty vocal and have an ego so maybe I do? Either way, the morning crew @dohertysgymcity eat up the atmosphere and it fuels them to push harder in what they're doing.
Don't believe me? Just ask them.

Video cut out just before my set so you will have to trust me when I say 230 went up for 5. Also trust me that it wasn't pretty but it's a new weight so will adjust to it over the next 3 weeks.

Of all the people in the world to show her how to take a selfie... it was Unky Al.
Say goodbye to your iPhone storage @randydextr0us @missuswhite
Thanks for capturing it @carla_fink

What happened moments later doesn't matter.
What's more important is who's got your back.
Love this bloke @biggdavep got a bigger heart than his grizzly beard.

"Chris if I even look like stopping at 6 then kick me in the head"...
I was so pissed at myself over last weeks performance I set 8 reps as my target for this week.
Judges scored it a 7 and 7/8th of a rep as my left hand let go right before lockout.
I'm calling it 8 anyway. That's 220kg for those who don't know what 5 biscuits are.

Everyone has their own vision of what their dream looks like.
Somewhere in between Lebanon and Malta is a little factory like this.
It's what I call my slice of paradise and I had to sell my soul to get it.
Hope you're as happy as I am @boomerhsv 😉

I've just scientifically proven that wearing a pink hoodie decreases performance by 5.5%
Slightly annoyed I've taken a step back today but I guarantee I'll better it next week. Pink hoodie or not.

Spend far too long staring at this...
Next thing is paint the black stripe on the side skirts and repaint some fuck-ups from previous owners over its life time.
Then a manual conversion and some kind of assisted breathing apparatus under the bonnet.

Which one of you signed me up to a mailbox list???

Go to the wreckers to buy used parts.
Guy from across the road asks his neighbour do they know any welders...
What was I meant to do? I was even wearing the jumper my brother made me that has ROOKIE WELDER blazed across the back.
3.5 hours later this frame is done. Supports a silo for mixing sand and lime or something like that.
Now back to lifting weights and wrecking cars...

Once upon a time there was a skinny tall guy who wouldn't take no for an answer.
He summoned all the rage from within and pulled 220 for 7.
Everyone was relieved he didn't throw any chairs and they all lived happily ever after.
Where are you now?
Thanks for the video @carla_fink

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