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My fat head, my good mate @boomerhsv and the car that brought us together.
We live about 2000km apart but I've visited six times in the last year to check up on my old HSV GTS Coupe 3. It's even better than when I sold it.
Not often in your life you'll meet someone with so many similarities to yourself when selling a car, so that's the only positive I can take from the sale.
We hang shit on each other daily and April fools day will forever be a reminder of how good he got me on April 1st this year.

Heading to Alice Springs to a new home.
I really liked this thing, opened my eyes to buying cars other than black or grey.
Farewell short known friend.
Thanks to @max_mcginnis for helping revive this diamond before it got sent to the tip.

Get used to this selfie once a week for the next few months.
That's right kids, daddy's back.
Cameo @oxerhaulin and Grant 'not allowed on Insta'.

Day at the zoo with my niece and @carla_fink.
I'm stuffed, I think Samantha will outlast me.

Easter bunny delivered a new project; the Franga daily driver.
There's no such filter that will make this thing stand out. A few days of hard work might however.

I've bought many 'things' in my life. Never been wasteful of a dollar, but for anyone considering one of these @strong_hand_tools #buildpro welding tables, it is the best $15,000 I've ever spent. Knocked out this gate in 2 hours including cutting the tube to length.
So happy good Friday people, I'm meditating to Lionel Ritchie and Shania Twain while fusing some steel. That's fucking bliss.

I haven't trained here in a long long time. For that I apologise. Only a few sets in I remembered how fucking awesome this place is; to train.
As the saying goes, a house is not a home. Well in this case I built a house, and @biggdavep built a home. Credit where credit is due.

My greatest asset is not my bench. It is my ability to sacrifice and be patient.
4 months ago I was comfortably benching 145 and deadlifting 240 at 1RM.
Now I've just chucked up 130 bench and last week 210 deadlift.
What happened in those 4 months is I decided to focus on something bigger than my own needs. Work #1, training #2. It hasn't always been that way, but certainly has the past 8 years, and it's paid dividends.

At approximately 3:45pm yesterday @max_mcginnis asked me did I think the maloo was quicker than the Clubby.
2 hours later I was at scrutineers asking @jadeo63 for some pants so they would let me on the track.
Spontaneous decisions like this are some of the most fun you'll ever have. Captain grumpy had a smile on his face all night (that's me).
Thanks for the track side assistance @max_mcginnis @oxerhaulin @inspired_in_hell
Off to Beaurepaires for new rear booties now...
Slide ➡️ for the whole skid.

Happy Birthday wishes to the most loyal worker ever @dohertysgymcity.
Started as a member back in Brunswick over a decade ago, started nightshift in the City in 2009. Been here pretty much every night since.
Couldn't find a nicer guy in all the world, has my back and puts up with my spontaneous renovation ideas which turn in to full blown demolitions 5 minutes later.
Happy birthday from everyone here at the gym.

A little sneak peak of our brand new toilet and bathroom @victimsofink.
I know to most people it's just a dunny, but earlier today as I was rejoicing in the serenity of the frosted glass and exhaust fan I broke it in.
If nobody else is proud of what I've done (not the poo obviously) well I am proud for myself.
It would have been all too easy to sit back at my own business and be a gym guy, yet my propensity to push myself, learn new things, has returned this great gift. The satisfaction I get from building trumps nearly all my prior achievements.
Moral of this, you don't have to be the stereotype people perceive you to be.

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