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Rookie  Rookie is a website, book series, & podcast for teenagers. Buy our new book, #rookieonlove: ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

This playlist is full of songs to let your mind float away, feat. @wet, @beaccchhoussse, @catpowerofficial, and more. 🌊 (By @aliiiiia; link in bio)

“When the semester ended, all I wanted to do was go to my favorite park and sit in the sun.” Read more in this week’s diaries. ☀️ (Illustration by @isabella.acostaaa;

“My American obsessions did not exist in their own vacuums–they were inextricable from pressures to assimilate to Western culture, and to whitewash my own.” ✨ (@wetgertrude on unlearning cultural imperialism;

What were you like in a past life? 🔮 (Illustration by @theskinnyartist; find this month’s creative prompt and send us your stories here:

“I can’t represent all refugees, but I can try my best to share my story—as a refugee, yes, but also as a Syrian, a female, a dreamer, a student, an engineer-to-be.” ✈️ (Illustration by @aliiiiia;

Get some guidance from these printable zodiac-themed tarot cards. 🔮 (By @cactei and @mirandafen; 👁 the full tarot deck here:

The final ☀️👟 shoes designed in collaboration with @instagram and @TheShoeSurgeon are here! Our inspiration: ☀️☁️🌱 #PositiveVibes #FreakySneaks

“No matter what we do by day, when darkness slips in, we all become storytellers.” An introduction to the world of dream interpretation. 🌀 (By @aliiiiia;

This playlist is your new go-to soundtrack for sticking your head in the clouds, feat. @beaccchhoussse, @angelolsenmusic, @hihatchie, and more. ☁️ (By @k8leib;

“When you think of ‘summer fun,’ you think of girls in bikinis holding hands as they jump off the docks. You imagine park picnics and parties with friends. The hardest part of having fun alone is unlearning this image of what fun looks like.” Read @c.har.lee’s tips for spending quality time with yourself this summer. 🏖 (Illustration by @palomalink;

We teamed up with @instagram & @TheShoeSurgeon to design a pair of shoes that embody #PositiveVibes. Here's a sneak peek at the making of our ☀️ pair. #FreakySneaks

“These photos are reminiscent of early summer, emphasizing those slow and wonderful moments of warmth that take hold of us every day.” ☀️ (By @ollygolly123 and @lucyly02; 👀 the complete set here:

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