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Yep, pt.2
It's learning what doesn't work that will teach you.
Happy Skateboarding! 📹: @youngbloodsdz

False advertising or professional skateboarder? Or a little bit of both. 📹: @youngbloodsdz

2 out of 10 have been claimed.
Send me a clip of you doing this trick and Ill send you a prize box from my company @theskateboardclub
Rules: 1: You must show a spoon in your clip (this way I know it's current)
2: I don't care how good it is as long as it's a switch heel back tail slide-ish-stall... who cares!
3: Post and tag @theskateboardclub and me.
I can give away 10 of these.

@rodneymullen - St. Louis, Missouri during a Blind / A-Team US Tour. (Maybe 1998-ish) Within seconds of getting out of the van Rodney started to skate flat ground trying to warm up for the demo that was starting soon. Quickly gathering a circle of fans around him, he landed a ton of tricks within 10 minutes and amazing everybody including myself. I'm glad I had my camera. Full unedited clip / session on my page.
My bags are packed! Come pick me up for the next US tour Rodney. Rodney turned 35 on this trip.

This was the Mormon church in Orange and a local spot of ours. Wearing my new The Firm shirt. "Dedicated to Skateboarding" in purple. Filmed by: @ryehlers @ehlerslongboards #heathkirchart

Sunday sliding with rails. The first set of rails I ever bought were to save the graphic...not slide.

Ouch. The kick flip tail was the first bail of the day and then called it quits after the switch front blunt attempt. This spot is one of my all time favorites. I skated here for hours and hours all the time. It's still a good spot but needs some acrylic spray and treatment to make the top ledge skate-able. It's sad to say but these are probably a couple of my worst slams besides folding my ankles numerous times. Guys I remember shredding this spot and doing lines for days are @rothdigga and @lavarmcbride Lavar destroyed everything come to think of it.

Drove all the way out to this amazing spot only to find the school put up chains in front of the ledges and top rail. Found a launch ranch and felt like it was the mid 80's and 96 all wrapped into one. Filmed by the one and only Chad Kirkwood.

Who remembers this pool? We called it "Smokable". This was in Orange California up Chapman Ave near the Farmers Market And the first pool I ever carved over the light. A huge milestone for me. Thinking back I'm surprised my dad trespassed to film Matt Young, Max and I. One day after skating heading back to our car @martyjimenez gave us some stickers. My sister was with us. 👍 Amazing!

My backyard training facility back in 1988. Switch pushing in training. 📽by: @ronniesdad

Find a skateboard, pick it up. All week long you'll have good luck. @hsdskate Happy Holidays! 🌎😂 #finderskeepers

Missed the nollie flip and successfully broke my iphone. Double shame on me 👎😓 Sorry friends, I'll be back in a while. Happy Fallidays!

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