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Rōnin (浪人)  Tu Lam (Retired-Green Beret) -Founder/ CEO Ronin Tactics, Inc. TU@RONINTACTICS.COM


Rōnin BLACK FRIDAY 12 HRS SALE has begun.
Link: https://www.ronintactics.com/black-friday-sale.html

There are so many things I am thankful for this year. I’m thankful that my parents are still in good health, my amazing wife, friends, my health and family. I am also thankful to be able to lead a company that allows me to help others. Thankful for our military protecting our freedom to a great country that I’m thankful to live in. 🇺🇸Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone is having a great one. #thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone has a great one. “There is without a doubt that I have served with some of the greatest Americans this generation has produced. I understand what it’s like to be away during the holiday season. It was at times lonely and I did miss home. So I thank each day for our great military for the sacrifices they make.. To our military- Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving no matter where you are in the world.” -God and Country 🇺🇸 #thanksgiving

Rōnin Tactics 12 Hrs (BLACK FRIDAY) SALE on selected items. Sale begins midnight 24 Nov 2017 (Mountain Standard Time)- Link to Black Friday Sale will be posted. #ronintactics

My journey- “They say a journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step.” My first step is one of war. You see, I’ve seen the suffering of the defenseless for I was one as a child. Many had died in their journey to freedom. Therefore, I swore an oath along time ago to travel to the ends of the world to defend the defenseless. The path was and is still hard as I continue on my promise. I thank my mother for her strength and my fallen teammates for showing me the higher purpose. De oppresso liber” - To free the oppressed 🇺🇸 Music title “Touched by an angel” #ronintactics #war #peace #higherpurpose #humanity #GodandCountry 🇺🇸 @anessaarnold

Sakura Blades are back in stock at www.ronintactics.com “Sakura” means cherry blossom in Japanese and was considered to be especially beautiful and a important symbol for the Japanese warriors class because at the height of its beauty it would inevitably fall to the ground to die. The way of the Samurai is expressed through the study and understanding of Bushidō, literally meaning "The Way of the Warrior.” stressing utmost loyalty to serve for a higher cause other then oneself. To seek perfection in everything you do... stressing the mastering of one’s trade. This way of conduct allowed the violent existence of the Samurai to be tempered by wisdom and serenity. This balance allowed them to live with honor onto death. The cherry blossom as in life is beautiful but short-lived and as a blossom that fell before its time was viewed as a warrior that fell before his time. #ronintactics

Former-U.S. Army Green Beret, teammate and friend- turned Rock Star. Here is my boy Robert rocking it out in my hometown on #veteransday 🇺🇸-Go checkout my friends @bonesfork. Bones Fork is a great name for it has meaning within the Green Beret community. #specialforces #greenberets #DOL #ronintactics

Only a few slots left- Ronin "Blade Tactics" Seminar (9 Dec 2017-Colorado Springs, CO) Open enrollment at: www.ronintactics.com #ronintactics @oxcart.us @barbiersecuritygroup

“It’s a beautiful thing when energy travels through the body. “ -Ronin. I like to start this drill at 25m as I move to the 7m line, I push the line between speed and accuracy. Know your level of training, then push to become better. “When moving through uneven surface, always keep contact to the ground. Bend knees to stabilize movement... always toes in direction of travel.” -Train well my friends. Running @kmfjllc DA mag holders. #ronintactics @ettsgunrange @taftt_etts @primeammo @oxcart.us

Hit it with Speed and Violence. #ronintactics @ettsgunrange @primeammo

TL: When I retired I became the Ronin (masterless warrior). The process was to seek truth in the world, seek truth in myself, and to take my life’s teachings and to give back to the good of this world. The good in this world being law enforcement and military. Along with that came the journey of discovery after stepping off the battlefield. I stepped off the battlefield and now I’m meeting the people I protected while I was overseas. There is a discovery process in that. I’m now able to go to the places I wasn’t able to go to because my schedule was war and training for war. When I got out it was a healing process and the healing process evolved into much more than that. Ret. (🇺🇸 Green Beret) -Tu Lam You can read my complete story @theveteransproject Photo credited to my friends @joinronin @ericvutran @ettsgunrange @crossfitcqb @realisticdefense @taftt_etts @triarcsystems @primeammo @oxcart.us #ronintactics

Only a few slots left- Ronin "Blade Tactics" Seminar (9 Dec 2017-Colorado Springs, CO) Open enrollment at: www.ronintactics.com #ronintactics

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