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Rōnin (浪人)  Tu Lam (Retired-Green Beret) -Founder/ CEO Ronin Tactics, Inc. TU@RONINTACTICS.COM

The ones... there will be the ones that will pick up the sword and will travel to the ends of the world to defend our freedom, country and fellow countrymen. These warriors will fight for what is right and to free those oppressed, but they are not the ones I want to talk about for it's their families that made a commitment to God and Country as well. It hurts me down to my soul when I hear their stories of lost. How do you pick up the pieces after a lost of husband, father, son? No matter how busy my schedule gets, I will always make the time for my fallen brothers. I am happy to say that our last Green Beret Foundation and our last Navy SEAL Foundation event in Denver, CO has raised over a few million dollars to support our Special Operations Commandos. These programs have raised and given billions of dollars to help the soldiers and families of Special Operations. It's great knowing that our fallen hero's son, daughter or wife will always have these types of foundations to help them for the rest of their lives. -God and Country. 🇺🇸 #family #specialoperations #greenberets #navyseals #navysealfoundation #greenberetfoundation

My thoughts and prayers goes out to Aaron and his family. "The path was never meant to be easy." I met Aaron around two months ago before his combat rotation. He needed last minute gear so I agreed to drive out to meet him. Great person with a great soul. You will be missed brother. -God and Country. 🇺🇸-Staff Sgt. Aaron Butler, 27, died Wednesday in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, from wounds he suffered when an improvised explosive device exploded during combat operations. "De oppresso liber" -Photo credited to @greenberetfoundation #specialoperations #specialforces #greenberets 🇺🇸

-Life in every breath. "A Martial Artist may become an Warrior but not every warrior is capable of becoming a martial artist. Martial Arts are about restoration of physical and spiritual balance and fluidity; they are about observing restraints and 'setting example'. It's about kindness to others and helping the defenseless. "To serve a higher purpose is the way of Samurai." -Double Dragon is coming to the San Francisco, CA area next week. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there. All classes are currently Sold Out. #ronintactics #toserveahigherpurpose #TheWay #Bushido @cungle185 #DoubleDragon 🐲🐲 @triarcsystems @primeammo @barbiersecuritygroup @striykerusa @stand1armory @ettsgunrange #bluelivesmatter 🇺🇸@fightorflightofficialtv

One day late. Lol - Happy Airborne Day! 🇺🇸August 16, 1940 marked the first official Army parachute jump, validating the innovative concept of inserting United States ground combat forces behind a battle line by parachute. "We will come by Land, Sea or Air." #flyingdragon 🐲 #ronintactics #airborne #specialoperations #GreenBerets 🇺🇸

"Nous Defions" -We Defy... During the course of my life, I was told you're not good enough... you're too weak... you will never make it...etc. Many doctors have said that I can not continue in my line of work... concerned that I will be permanently paralyzed. Others have said that I will never walk naturally again and I have ran marathons since then. Yes... It did and still at times hurt, but I rather destroy my body in my path to recovery then lose my will. I look at men that I have served with and ones like them as they push me to "Defy" when others say you can't. #ronintactics #budo #bushido 🇺🇸

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." - Mark Twain (To serve a higher purpose is the way of Samurai) #ronintactics #bushido #budō #SpecialForces #GreenBeret 🇺🇸

Racism in 2017... after past wars and civil right movements and we are still continuing to put up with this undeserved hate. You see, I know how it feels to be put down and discriminated against because you're different, I've dealt with it my whole life. The difference is I see the ignorance in this ideology and I choose to not follow the generations of hate before me. Personal ideologies can be killed off if one chooses to simply not follow it. "A nation that fights internally will eventually fall." -Picture in Africa with Cameroon Commandos (We all bleed the same color) #stopthehate #ronintactics @fightorflightofficialtv

My final battle was in Africa. Fighting to protect the things that couldn't defend themselves. "De oppresso liber" #specialoperations #ronintactics

Bushido "The way of the warrior" - To seek perfection in everything you do. The Rōnin signature 1911 .45 ACP by @triarcsystems illustrates the element of perfection in the teachings of Bushido. #ronintactics #bushido

Sometimes I use my punches to lower the opponent's height. This method could be very effective as I turn my fist onto his ribs. Once I see the head snap forward then it will open up many other options. -Understand distance and attack angles. #ronintactics

Global War on Terror-Philippines (GWOT-P) For over a year we vetted, recruited, equipped and trained the Filipinos 1st (LRC) - Their premier counter-terrorist unit. Now we are going to fight along side them to combat the Abu Sayyaf militant group. This group has carried out bombings, kidnappings, assassinations, and extortion in what they describe as their fight for an independent Islamic province in the Philippines. Their use of violence has targeted innocent Christians including women and children. For the next two years of my life we fought and searched for the kidnapped Americans. (The Burnham) - 01' Southern Philippines. NETFLIX has a show called "Captive" Episode 4 (American Missionaries, Philippines) if you want to watch the complete story on the Special Forces role in combating Abu Sayyaf. #ronintactics #greenberets 🇺🇸 #SpecialForces #DOL #RedDragon 🐲

These DA Mag Holders works great with anyone of our Ronin series belts. I really like the adjustable cant on these mag holders. Go checkout my friends at KMFJ, LLC @kmfjllc -Great Americans, great products. These former Special Forces (Green Berets) make some great stuff from ideas developed on the battlefield. #roninshootersbelt #ronintactics #nousdefions 🇺🇸

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