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Rōnin (浪人)  Tu Lam (Retired-Green Beret 🇺🇸) -Founder/ CEO Ronin Tactics, Inc. TU@RONINTACTICS.COM

Ranger Training-“My spirit can never be broken -for my mind is always free.” Rōnin -Masterless warrior, masterless in others thoughts and opinions- free in mind. THE FREE MIND- A monk once asked an ancient man of stature, “What is The Way?” The man said, “The way of the free mind.” For the achievement of any mind is to attain the state of freedom. A free mind is one free of affliction, living in clear reaction even in the midst of all affliction. This is “The Way of Rōnin #ronintactics #TheWay #mindset #RLTW🇺🇸

The final episode is almost here! Please join us Tuesday night for the final battle for the grand prize of $20K and the title of Knife or Death Champion! “All I can say is, these final competitors went to battle!” #Repost @knifeordeath
SEASON FINALE!!! Tuesday 10/9c #forgedinfire #knifeordeath #GrandChampionshipShowdown only on @history Who takes home the #crown to become Season 1 Grand Champion and $20k? Gotta tune in!! @ronintactics @traviswuertz @itv @aenetworks @proknifethrower @rodrigodefensivetactics @pirate_forge @n_warden @meatchris @mabagani @big_chris_custom_knives @jegraphics #knife #knives #blade #reality #competition #bladesport #finale

Very much like the electric slide. Lol “Understand how to collapse your opponent’s corners.” Team Rōnin is coming to Miami, FL- “Blade Tactics” Seminar (7 Sept 2018- Miami, FL) Currently open enrollment at: -Video credited to @joinronin #ronintactics @barbiersecuritygroup

How the History Channel -Forged in Fire: Knife or Death changed the mindset of a Rōnin. You see, I’ve always understood the role of my blade during survival and close quarters combat. I’ve had to hack and chop things in the past to survive in the jungles, but I’m not a blade maker or competition chopper. During my process as a Rōnin -I seek to experience and help others as much as I can until my last breath. Somehow this process of continuous growth led me to the History Channel. What I can say is I’ve meet so many amazing people and I’ve learned so much more about metal, forging, blade geometry, power swings, martial arts ...etc. I can say some of the amazing people I’ve meet during this process had became my friends. So you see, it’s not just a TV show. It’s a process of continuous growth and this my friend, is the true way to martial arts. @goldberg95 @traviswuertz @knifeordeath #knifeordeath #ronintactics @jegraphics @proknifethrower

Two slots just opened up for our Rōnin Combat Pistol (26 May 2018) and two slots for our Rōnin Civilian “Vehicle Tactics” Course (27 May 2018) in Princeton, NJ. Open enrollment at -It will be a full week of intense training. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there! #ronintactics

Happy Freedom Friday everyone! Love your God and Country 🇺🇸 -For if you don’t believe in something greater then yourself, then how can you ever serve a higher purpose? Freedom isn’t free and I’ve seen this first hand. To serve others is the most unselfish acts a person can do and this is #TheWay of Samurai. ⛩ #ronintactics #freedomFriday #warmachines #GodandCountry 🇺🇸#bushido #budo

Team Rōnin 🇺🇸will be teaming up with my friend Tony Sentmanat @realworld_tactical in Immokalee, FL @altairtrainingsolutions to bring a collaboration in mindset and skill pertaining to Combat Carbine (9 Sept 2018)This will be a intense course -drawing from two combat proven instructors. Team Rōnin will also host a (Blade Tactics- 7 Sept 2018) Seminar in Miami, FL along with a Combat Pistol course (8 Sept 2018) at @altairtrainingsolutions. SLOTS ARE LIMITED. Currently open enrollment at #ronintactics

#TBT- RAPIDS training. Fort Bragg, NC. #SpecialOperations 🇺🇸 #tipofthespear #JSOC #warmachines #ronintactics

Team Rōnin is coming to Japan 🇯🇵 -Fall 2018. We will be teaching “The Way of the Blade” from Kyoto to Tokyo while paying homage to the way of the Samurai. ⛩ For more information and open enrollment release date go to @ms_dragon_force -Video credited to @joinronin #ronintactics 🇺🇸 #Japan #TheWay @barbiersecuritygroup @ettsgunrange

Please join me TONIGHT!! on History Channel. Forged in Fire: Knife or Death ⛩. New episodes every Tuesday night 10/9c on #History @goldberg95 @traviswuertz @knifeordeath #knifeordeath #ronintactics

May “The Force” be with you -young Jedi. ⛩ -Photo credited to @joinronin #ronintactics #RedDragon🐉

Please join us tomorrow night on #historychannel. Some of these competitors spirit reminds me of some of my crazy former teammates. It will be exciting! ⛩ #Repost @knifeordeath
#forgedinfire #knifeordeath 10/9c on @history @traviswuertz @ronintactics @goldberg95 @aenetworks @itv @rodrigodefensivetactics @mabagani @proknifethrower @n_warden @pirate_forge @meatchris @big_chris_custom_knives #knife #knives #blade #reality #competition #bladesport #bladesmith #forging #spear #sword #katana #kukri #bowie #knivesofinstagram ••••WHO MOVES ON TO COMPETE FOR THE GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP?•••• #letsdothis

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