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Ronan O Ceallaigh Kelly  "Such a lovely boy"- My mam "He's a very smart kid" - My English teacher "Probably retarded" - My best friends "What's an instagram?" - My gran

I'm a "working man"

Not all of you see this when you walk home. Take a look at #dublinatnight 🏡🚶👀♥️

Not an angle you see often..... Posing for a photo. How do you feel?

I'm pretty sure it's legal to put down a group of people who shout on the bus. Right? RIGHT?!

"Beunos Dias, comrades"

The mad man, the beast, the absolute UNIT.... "The Bin Lid" platter @ Smokin Bones #savemefrommyself #meatless #deals #smokinbonesbbq #nowthisisepic

Found this on my phone a couple of days ago. If you ever hear someone say this first slap them, then tell them Ronan said it first

*tips fedora, slipping beer all over his pants* M'lady

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