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• Romy •  Photographer Expose Your Vision @rdl_eyv // 📍Oostvoorne, Netherlands // Student at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam 📚 // 🏇 Equestrian account: @equinemotions

Ik buitenadem, Dani tijd van zijn leven. ❤️



Nu kan ik deze momenten weer delen ❤️ #wewokeuplikethis

From head to toe I transformed @littlesuperheroes. And I’m so proud how it turned out. 💫
I photographed 4 children in the zoo to make pictures for the new collection, I made a new logo, I updated the website and I think of new concepts. Simple but clean. 😌

My two bodyguards. 🙌🏻
Some people are scared to be home alone, I’m not. Can you tell why? 😜

I’ve got a new friend. You already saw him the last week in some stories. Meet Bentley, a 5 y/o Great Dane. For people who are asking if we ever going to quit taking more animals in our family? Nop.

Day at the life from Dani. 💁🏻‍♂️
When Dani turned 2 I photographed a part of his day. And this is what came out. I’m testing different things to specialize myself in. I know from myself that I fit in nature/lifestyle. 🌸
Can’t wait to try this style for @littlesuperheroes. ❤️

Can’t live without these moments but sometimes.. Swipe to see what I mean. 🤣
My intern is going really well. It’s nice that I can plan my time over the whole day. So I can still spend time with the animals but also make my hours. ☺️
I’m taking over @littlesuperheroes a childrens clothing line. I will visuals everything in the future and I’m already planning some shoots for it. 😁

“Every walk I make feels like an adventure.” 🐾
My intern started a week ago and I made some nice concepts for new projects. These shots I made for @trainingcenterdutchdog, just some social media shot. I love to photograph things how they really are. I don’t direct my pictures, everything happens live and I freeze them with my camera. 📸

From home to the busstop. A daily trip I made with the scooter when I went to school. 🌿
Can you spot the moon on the second picture? 🌚

“Don’t be afraid of being outnumbered. Eagles fly alone, pigeons flock together.” 🦅
Meet Tukker, the eagle who stole a lot of hearts. Shot this visiting Rob who helps my mom to fly with our own bird of prey, Sherlock. 👏🏼
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