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Overheard the best Mom line ever!
Kid: Mom, why do we have to be here Aaaaagain?!! This is dumb & boring.
Mom: Because this is my Disneyland son and we went to yours last month.
Ps: kid it’s mine too! 😉@cementtileshop is my tile wonderland! 🎅🏼🎄✨😍 #tile #tilelove #allthepossibilities #inoneplace #design #designyourheartout #interiordesign #cementtileshop #mydisneyland #scottsdale #arizona

Blessed are the

It does not say blessed are the peace keepers.

Peace making is an active choice to interrupt injustice for the sake of peace. #peace #peacemaking #forthesakeofpeace #activechoice #interruptinjustice #beapeacemaker #blessedarethepeacemakers

Uber important especially in the holiday season. Make today the day you need friends. 💛✨ #knowwhenitstime #knowyourlimits #getbacktoyou #selfcare #selfcareisnotselfish

A powerful way to bring awareness to the situation at the border. This holy family is every family, and every family is holy.
Nativity statues of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, which usually mark Christmas, are incarcerated behind a barbed-wired-topped, chain-link fence on the lawn of the cathedral of the Episcopal Church’s Indianapolis Diocese. #everyfamilyisholy

In a world that forces an answer on everything, only the mature can utter that holy phrase: ‘I don’t know.’ We don’t always have to know because sometimes we just don’t know what’s next. And that’s OKAY (I tell myself on the daily.) Step back and allow the clarity to come. It will, it always does when we’re calm and open, but not while we’re frantically chasing it down. Be still and trust as anxiety provoking as that sometimes can be. 💛 #stepback #stayonyourmat #bestill #lifeisntlinear #respecttheshifts #waitfortheanswers #claritywillcome #trusttheprocess

I l💛ve me this rad li’l jacket from Gracy Me. It had me at those brass buttons and oh that color Yes pleeeease!! ✨#hadtobeshared

Easier said than done I right? Often it’s the hardest thing to do, but the most important. My journey isn’t complete and never will be (self-love is a process, not a destination), but I’m getting there. I hope you are too! 💛🙏🏼
“The practice of love involves working with yourself wherever you’re at. Having a shitty day? Accept that. It’s ok. In one of those stretches where everything you touch turns to gold? Beautiful. Use it for good.

Your ultimate work in self-love is simply this: step fully and boldly into your life. When times are tough, be gentle on yourself. When times are good, relish them.

As you grow closer to yourself, use everything you have in service of yourself and in service of others. Share your gift.” ~ Jason Connell #loveyourself #itsaprocess #notadestination #beyou #nomatterwhat #youreagift

Our nocturnal tribe soars at midnight. We are the creatives, the artists whose work flourishes best under obsidian skies. #artist

No one has the power to steal your smile.
No one has the power to rob you of your joy.
No one can strip you of your worth.
No one can force you to compromise your values or abandon your principles.


They will try because they cannot shake free of their own brokenness.
They will try because they refuse to break out of the prison of their own self-centeredness.
They will try because they are still haunted by the ghosts of their childhood traumas and wounds.

So the question that matters most is not “How did they ACT?” but rather “How will I RE-ACT?” Dwell on the former question and you will soon realize that you are braver than you thought, stronger than you assumed, and more powerful than you knew. ~ @jonathan_merritt
#wisdom #noonehaspoweroveryou #youarebraverthanyouthink #youarestrongerthanyouthink #howwillyoureact #tistheseason #merryandbright

Dang straight...growth is hard but worth it! #growthishard #doitanyway #repost @minaa_b

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