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Roman Sean Lane  #shadows #contrast #mood Louisville • L.A. Mastermind behind @romanlanefilms

I just want to express myself at the highest level.

I’ve got trouble on my mind, I’ve got trouble on my mind... wanna be with you for the rest of my life...

Don’t play hard to get, play hard to forget. 💯 I promise my work to come will make that VERY difficult!!!! 🖤

Fun fact: Still waiting on @gunnardeatherage to sell this backpack to me 🤦🏾‍♂️😩

To me, the most important step to minimalism is getting out of your own way. Don’t confuse your wants with your needs. You’d be surprised what you can do without and what you can accomplish with what little you have.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t ... you’re right.

These bitches want Nikes... they looking for a ✔️ ... tell ‘em it ain’t likely... -Frank

They say your taste buds change every 5-7 years. Each strand of hair on your body last 2-7 years. Even your skin regenerates itself every 27 days. Change is inevitable and evolution is our way of life. Just like my body - my creativity, vision and perception changes. I’m constantly experiencing stimulus from all aspects of my life and I’m more than excited about my next form. We should all be, if we want to embrace our best version of self.

I believe that I'm one of the best in the world at what I do, and that's all I've ever wanted to be.

Spirit Bomb (元気玉, Genki Dama; lit. "Energy Sphere") is a powerful attack in Dragon Ball, widely considered to be the strongest attack in the series, but depends on the number of organisms supporting its use.

When life is good, we enjoy the vision. When life is bad, we understand the meaning. My aim is not just to capture your attention, but to be understood. My vision is constant dichotomy. A balance between the best and the worst part of human nature. Something that makes you reflect where you stand in that balance and recognize that we all deal with our own yin and yang. Deep shit. I know.


It’s hell on earth and the city’s on fire, inhale, in hell there’s heaven ...

In control of the wave like Poseidon 🧜🏾‍♂️

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