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I tried some rafting in the backyard today πŸ˜‚

I still can not believe I did this! I have never been on a mega ramp before. I have never even rode down it. This was my very first attempt ever! I was scared to death but so determined to try this. I HAD to do it πŸ˜‚. Fear is a awful emotion that can sometimes keep us from doing things we can actually do. Fear keeps us from even trying. I really challenged myself with this one and somehow I nailed it! So honored and thankful for the entire @nitrocircus family for even allowing me to try this. Would have never happened without them :) thanks for all the love. I don't think I've ever posted a video on here so this is a test haha. Love you all.

Unconditional love ❀️

If I ever become even half as great as my dad I will consider myself successful. I love my dad so much. Happy Father's Day!


Brothers from other mothers πŸ™

Nothing in my life will compare to the time I get with my children. Kane took off running out of the photo as soon as I started dumping πŸ˜‚

First of all, I have tried my best not to post anything related to the loss of our best Friend and loyal dog Zeus but this one I couldn't resist. This picture has so many stories in it that I wanted to share with you. When this photo was taken I didn't have a vlog channel. I didn't have the Smile More company. I didn't have new cars and a new house. I didn't have money! At this point Zeus hadn't even discovered his love for tennis balls yet!! I was working full time at the rope factory. Working night and day trying to build this dream of mine. A crazy dream. In this picture you see a couple things. One is my son Kane who at the time I believe was not even 1 yet holding Zeus's favorite toy before tennis balls became his love! A wooden stick. You also see Zeus as a young beautiful German shepherd in his prime. Kane's sidekick while daddy was at the factory everyday. At the time I truly believe I was struggling, not just financially but mentally I was beating myself up. I was very negative and just kind of mad that I wasn't doing what I needed to do to better my family's future. I was working non stop and providing but that wasn't enough for me. I was really fighting myself. Not happy where I was... I had no idea how I would get to this dream I was chasing. So frustrated with life. After about 11 years full time in the factory I started to go crazy. I needed to chase this dream and I didn't know how.. I was hard on myself for this.

We now jump to current day, Almost 5 years later. Brittney shows me this picture last night and I broke. I instantly realized that no matter what and where I wanted to be in life I was already living a dream. The dream! Looking at this picture last night it hit me so hard! I spent all this time and energy trying to get somewhere better in life I missed the fact that The only way I can see my boy Kane and my best friend Zeus playing together now... is in my dreams. The best dreams... Enjoy every moment with the ones you love. Enjoy where you are right now! Time is a gift! I know I'm not the best with my stories but I do love trying to push you forward. You're not alone with your struggles. Keep going. I Love you!

I really need to start posting more on here. I think I've gotten to picky with my pics.. maybe this is a good start and a come back! Haha. Smash that like button if you want more pics from me. Like normal pics haha! FIRE IN THE HOLE! Let's go! Smile more :)

Zeus was truly one of a kind. He changed my life and taught me what true loyalty looks like. He was the true meaning of loyalty. I know he was loved by you and millions more. We all love you Zeus. We miss you so much. My eyes have been flooded with tears all day. Your tennis balls are still all over the house. Your food bowl is still half full and your bed is right beside mine... I love you so much buddy. Thank you all for making Zeus so loved. He will never be forgotten... RIP best friend.

Catch me outside!

It's official, we are having a baby girl πŸ™ I already love her more than any words can explain.. Ps, Kane is happy because he's eating a donut not because we are having a girl haha. Thank you so so much for being apart of our family. I can't wait for us all to meet this new little atwood :) love you. Smile More :)

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