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Heart's Ann Wilson talked to us about the insidiousness of prescription-drug dependence, how Aretha Franklin changed her life and her covers album honoring deceased rock stars. "When you take songs out of the original artist’s house and you lay them out in the ground and expose ’em, they mean something completely different," she says. Click the link in our bio to read the entire interview. Photograph by Jeff Kravitz.

The extraordinary 70-year-career and cultural influence of Quincy Jones is traced in a new documentary. 'Quincy,’ directed by Rashida Jones and Alan Hicks, premieres today only on Netflix.

Nirvana released ‘In Utero’ 25 years ago today. From what inspired "Heart-Shaped Box" to Kurt Cobain's original album title, we put together 20 things you might not know about the band’s raw 1993 masterpiece. Click the link in our bio to see the full list. Photograph by Stephen Sweet.

Mumford & Sons teamed up with Adele’s producer, returned to acoustic instruments and incorporated everything from electronica to hip-hop for their fourth album, 'Delta.' “This time, we were even more free because we felt we could go back to acoustic instruments,” says guitarist and banjo player Winston Marshall. “There weren’t many boundaries musically.” Click the link in our bio to read the entire feature. Photograph by @ChrisFloyd.

In our new feature, Willie Nelson discusses his support for Beto O’Rourke and the first thing he’d do if he were President. “I don’t want the job,” he says. “No matter what you do, someone’s not going to like it because they’re not supposed to. But with music, you could put ’em all there together – Cruz and Trump and Beto and me – and we’ll sing ‘Amazing Grace’, and it’ll be cool.” Click the link in our bio to read the full story. Photograph by Gary Miller

Music fans’ ire toward Ticketmaster for expensive concert tickets may be somewhat justified. According to a fiery new investigation, the company enlists resellers to grab batches of tickets from its site and then flip them for higher prices on a Ticketmaster-owned, invite-only platform. Click the link in our bio to learn more about the secret scalping scheme. Photograph by Sascha Steinbach

In his new book ‘Burning Down the Haus,’ Tim Mohr argues why the Sex Pistols were more important than Reagan’s “Tear Down This Wall” speech in ending the Cold War. Click the link in our bio to read how East German punks helped destroy the Berlin Wall. Photograph by Christiane Eisler.

‘Singles’ hit theaters 26 years ago today. The film not only featured live performances by Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, but employed a newly drafted Eddie Vedder as well as Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard in acting roles as members of Citizen Dick, the fictional band fronted by Matt Dillon’s lead character. “The first time the cast all got together was at the Off Ramp,” director Cameron Crowe recalls. “It was the second time Pearl Jam played in public with their new lead singer – Eddie from San Diego." Click the link in our bio to read our interview with Crowe.

From 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ making history to the marriage proposal heard 'round the world, we put together the 20 best, worst and WTF moments from this year's Emmy Awards. Click the link in our bio to see the full list and read our recaps of the show.

In our new feature, 'SNL' fan favorite Kenan Thompson discusses weathering rude hosts and rough early days to become the show’s longest-running cast member. “I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m here. I’ll be here next year. And we’ll see where this whole thing takes me. . . .,'" he says. Click the link in our bio to read the full story. Photograph by @SpencerHeyfron.

From Pearl Jam to Cardi B, click the link in our bio to discover 25 artists with unexpected ties to Tennessee.

Rarities! Covers! Guest appearances! Pearl Jam's setlist is like their complete catalog on shuffle where any song can surface at any point. Wading through the hundreds of recordings is a difficult task, especially for newcomers, so we’ve picked out our favorite 15 shows from their entire career. Click the link in our bio to read our guide to Pearl Jam’s best bootlegs. Photograph by Frans Schellekens.

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