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Roleplay  Yuki and Yumi- single Akiko- single CONTINUED ON @pleaserpwith_me_

Yumi sat alone in the classroom, felling really horny. It was after school, so she didn't think anyone would be there. She took her shirt off, rubbing her breasts, then she took her skirt off and panties pleasuring herself. You could hear moans coming from the classroom so you walked in to investigate. #dirtyrp #maturerp #notrolls #s3xyrp #s3xualrp [first two get]

Sorry I had to edit it I'd get blocked xD] The girls were spending the night at your house, they slept in your bed and they woke you up they had their bras off because that's how they slept. They lay on your chest, wrapping their tails around your waist. "morning!" #dirtyrp #notrolls #maturerp #s3xualrp #s3xyrp

Akiko blushed when you kissed him, but he smiled. He held onto your hand. "hmm? What was that for?" He asked, blushing lightly. #openrp #yaoirp #gayrp #dirtyrp #maturerp

The girl smiled, rubbing against your arm. "c'mon let's go!" She said, pointing to the beach. They were at a private beach, and they were bestfriends. She took your hand, running towards the beach her breasts bounching. She had a small bikini that was too small but she didn't think so. #dirtyrp #maturerp #s3xyrp #s3x

The girl was tied up, her legs up her panties showing. "ah! C-can you help me?!" She asked you, looking at you. She was quite cute, and pretty. She tried to push out, but failed. #s3xyrp #dirtyrp #maturerp #roleplay

The girl smiled looking at you. /you/ were dressed as a girl in the locker room but no one knew. She looked away and started to take off her shirt, which had no bra under. She looked at you "aren't you gonna change?" She asked, turning to you shirt still off. They were the lasts ones in the locker room. #dirtyrp #maturerp #s3xyrp #notrolls

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