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#givingup is easy. The #payoff is in pushing through. Just tell your #mind that you can do it and the #getitdone

Get up every #morning and tell yourself #icandothis

Starting any fitness program is always tough in the first week. I was still very sore from day 1 and this morning was a grind. But just like anything else in life, the only thing that matters is your effort. So whether you last one minute or 10, just do your best and forget the rest! @tonyshorton would be so proud of me today #bringIt #p90x #plyometrics #leanedOnAShortUncle

Sometimes you just have to work on the #basics to #strengthen the #foundation. I'm going back to where it all started for me: #P90X
Don't be afraid to restart and recommit to your goals and dreams. It's ok to take one step back to move 10 steps forward. #chestandback #abripperx #bringit

Don’t let a #win get to your #head. Or a #loss to your #heart.

You are #unique You are #awesome Stop comparing yourself to others. Your effort is YOUR #effort. Keep your 👀 on your own #goals, keep taking action towards them everyday and you will get there.

You don’t #win the #silver, you #lose the #gold

I FAILED TODAY! That's right, I #FAILED and not just once, but many, many times. My arms struggled during the push-ups, even on my knees. My legs cried in pain during the million (or so it felt) squats and lunges. My chest was sore from all the low tricep push-up holds. I cursed @shauntfitness more than I can remember. But the one thing I did not do, the one thing I will never do, is #quit I pushed and I pushed all the way to the end. It was not perfect or pretty but it got done!
Life will throw all kinds of curves and twists at you. You will fail over and over again. But in each failure is the opportunity to learn more about yourself. To grow stronger than you were before. To push past any limitations you thought you had. To the better today than you were yesterday. -
So don't quit. Use every failure as a stepping stone towards success. Fail today #SUCCEED tomorrow

It’s hard to #beat a person who #nevergivesup #BabeRuth

Today's workout went pretty slow but thanks to the PT I am receiving @rebalancetoronto my knees held up quite well. Plus I 👀 all athletic and badass with the black strips on my knees too 😂
In the past, I would have been all sad and depressed for not going buck wild in #insanitymax30 With a little more wisdom in my mind and age in my body, I have come to realize that #slow progress is way better than no #progress
So if you are struggling to stay committed to your goals, not seeing results or even struggling to get started, remember the old adage: Slow and #Steady #wins the race

There are seven days in the #week and #Someday isn’t one of them #Shaq

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