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Raziz Roken Rehan  #MrAMG, car journo, YouTube car show @RemoveBeforeRace LINK⬇️ Drives:🦖#AMGGTR +#GTC 🐾#GLC63S Ⓜ️#M4CS 🔜 🔨#G63 🏁#GT63S Mail:

🌵 ☀️Video Live! Solarbeam Smiles! 😬☀️ Link in Bio! I’ve never, smiled, laughed and enjoyed a review so much: isn’t that what it’s all about for the petrolhead!? 🙌🏼 I need one of these soooo bad 🤤 ‼️Friends! Gimme feedback: did you enjoy the video?! What other Classic AMGs besides the SLS should we do?? 👇🏼👇🏼 #MrAMG vs #BlackSeries #RokenR @removebeforerace

💙☀️ Perfect day for CS + Cup 2 tyres 😎 Think high it’s time for the review don’t you!? Let’s see what the run-in unleashed car can do Ⓜ️💪🏼 As a stark contrast, who has seen the C63 Black Series Video!? Solarbeam eargasms are there!! Link in bio 😎🔥☀️💥💥 #MrAMG #RokenR #M4CS #bmwM4CS

‼️VIDEO LIVE👹 Link in Bio!! C63 BLACK Review and Tribute in the desert of Dubai! 🇦🇪 🏁 AMG Addict’s Porn: Listen to the 6.2 Litre Legendary V8 Roar 🐯against the rare Solarbeam coloured beast 😈 Enjoyed making this SOOOO much, it was especially for you Instagram followers as I know you love @fa9ool63’s car so much whenever I’ve had it!! 😍🙌🏼 Please like it, view it, and share it to support the channel in getting more awesome opportunities like this 😎 p.s. 😫 NOW I NEED ONE MORE THAN EVER!! #MrAMG 🆚 #BlackSeries #RokenR @removebeforerace

🤤🚖🚘 Missing Dubai, BUT not for long, as C63 Black Dubai Video is out today at 9pm BST!! 😈🙌🏼 Can’t wait to show you @fa9ool63’s beauty rocketing through the Desert 🤤🙌🏼 Who’s excited to hear some explosions!?? 👹‼️ #MrAMG 🆚 #BlackSeries #RokenR @removebeforerace

😈 Even the Panther smiles at AMG ❌ Coffee ☕️ 🐾 Perfect start to the day, adding the finishing touches to the Black Series video, launching at 9PM BST today! 😃🙌🏼 As always, will be on YouTube a few hours early, so get to subscribing to see first if you haven’t already, need our whole AMG gang to take over YouTube Please!! 👹 👍🏼 #MrAMG #RokenR #GLC63S #amgblackpanther #flatwhite @mercedesamg @costacoffeeworld

👿 SO BRUTIFUL 🐾‼️ I have done 831 miles after today’s very successful roadtrip with @gul.chewie (more on that soon) 🙌🏼 That’s just in 4 days 😳 Cannot stop driving this Brutal Beauty. It’s interesting seeing how flat the suspension is over corners, not SUV like at all but then it’s so low too! The sound is also building has the miles pile on... 🤤 Gimme more @mercedesamg ‼️ #MrAMG #RokenR #GLC63S #AMGBlackPanther #wakandaforever #ineverfreeze

☀️⛽️ Road trip with Chewie today: we’re hunting for something, all to be revealed soon 😈 2nd Full Fill up on GLC!! Will be 80% done on running in by the end of today! 😬😬 🚨Remember C63 Black Video out soon, subscribe in my bio for ear porn 😎🙌🏼 #AMGroadtrip #MrAMG #RokenR #GLC63S #feedme #AMGBlackPanther

💥☀️ Who’s ready for an eargasm in the desert Tomorrow!? 😬🌵🐫 This is what it’s all about for us petrolheads: a legendary car, epic weather and an empty road 😎 The want for a Black Series is at extreme levels since this drive, and tomorrow you guys are going to fee just as desperate as me 🤤🤤 #MrAMG vs #BlackSeries #RokenR @removebeforerace

‼️“POWEER!! 😱”- @jeremyclarkson1, 2007

🤔🤤 Is it a bird, a GTS, a GTC? ⛔️ No it’s a GT63 ‼️Gotta respect the sheer presence of the GT Four Door. That dead on front and rear view is sooo GT wide, it’ll really confuse the uninitiated: exactly as it should. 😈 This is a development mule at the Ring, as a petrolhead I LOVE these things and their basic alloys. I wonder if it’s a 63 mule or one for the 73 Hybrid!? Diffuser different as commented by @sam6.3amg 🤔 shot by @wilcoblok at @nuerburgring 🙏🏼 #MrAMG #RokenR #GT63S #AMGGT63S #GT73 #AMGGT73

👹 STANCE!!! So pleased i got the Coupé in my GLC63S, the stance and rear width is everything. 🤤 The Modern Face of 63 AMG is so mean, with them getting more and more powerful, the panamericana grille is sets them apart from the rest of the range.🤔 I wonder how the Black Panther will look like next to my GT R... who wants to see that? 😍 #MrAMG #RokenR #GLC63S #AMGBlackPanther

👿🐾 My GLC63S aka “AMG Black Panther”‼️ My god have you HEARD the roar of this beast!? If not you need to watch the YouTube video, link in bio. 🙉💥💥 So pleased to finally own this elusive monster, a C63 SUV with shades of E63 tech; it’s a bizarre mix of the utterly pointless with the ultimately desirable. 🔥 Thank you so much @mercedesamg and @jct600ltd 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #AMGBlackPanther #MrAMG #RokenR #GLC63S #blackpanther

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