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At #ita2018 . Great event @anuranjan1010 mam.
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Thank you @HibaNawab for challenging me. This gives me a chance to #OpenUpToAsthma and share my story with all my fans and friends.
It all started with sneezing and the usual cough and cold. Like most of us, I kept ignoring it, thinking it’s simply due to dust and pollution. Until one night, I was at my relative's place for a party. I started coughing a lot and was breathing very heavily. Luckily my uncle is a doctor and was present at the party. So he checked me up right there and he asked me to visit his clinic the next day. When I reached his clinic, he immediately got me to do some medical tests and informed me that I had asthma. He prescribed an inhaler. My parents were very worried but when my uncle explained us that it would not affect my life in any way and all I have to do is always keep an inhaler with me so that I can use it when I have breathing issues, they got a little relaxed.
But I had a lot of questions. Why do I have to always carry it? Will I have to do these tests every time? I was in a panic zone. So my parents also got me checked from 2-3 doctors and they too told me that I had asthma and prescribed an inhaler.
Initially, I didn’t share about it with anyone because I think the world doesn’t need to know about it. I even skipped college for a few days as I thought my friends would make fun of me. But then after a few days, my best friend came home to see me because he thought I was unwell. When he came home, I told him everything and he started laughing. I thought he was making fun of me but instead he found my thoughts very surprising. Rather he encouraged me to attend college immediately and not to be uncomfortable.
I am blessed to have such family and friends. With their support and of course, with an inhaler, I am able to do what I love. Nothing can keep you away from living the life you want, you are a warrior.
I further challenge @kaurdalljiet @veerygoodman @iamraailaxmi to #OpenUpToAsthma and share their story or stories of asthmatics you know. Everyone who's reading this, it's time to share your stories as well!

Another one @hibanawab πŸ’« πŸ˜‚

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Only time she comes to me is when she is sleeping. Coz i meet her after months ..
My lil pumpkin @ridhvi_cherubtales

People who know me, they know it well that how much i love eating. Many of them were jealous of my metabolism that how much ever i eat i used to never gain.. but then came a time where my body was so out of shape coz of eating regular butter chicken and all the junk one can imagine.
The picture on the right is my dedication from last 4.5 months of regular dieting and everyday workout. It was very difficult to maintain this lifestyle for me in the start but then later it has become my lifestyle.
Thanks to @pawanjatwa who pushed me hard when i used to give up.
I know its not the best , best is yet to come.
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Meet Gabbar. A day well spent with these lovely creatures. 🐎

Weekend vibes 😎

La familia ❀️

Happy 1st Birthday my darling Ridhvi. You are turning out to be more and more adorable every passing day.
I love you bacha ❀️ @ridhvi_cherubtales

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