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Sarah Leeann  Cosplayer, alt model, weirdo, and perv. Ps. I'm married so stop with the messages.. they aren't even smooth or good pick up lines either.. lol


I know alot of you beautiful bitches have a patreon :p wanna do a sign up trade?

This year has been a crazy.... everything from money issues, cars breaking down, and changes in my personal life has been trying to beat me down but thanks to the support I have from my patrons im able to continue to create content.
My first goal is to be able to get the items I need for my concepts, I've been getting by for now or dumbing down my concepts so it's something I can still do.. do you know how much it sucks to turn down my creative thoughts just because of money? it's so frustrating.. Most people don't realize how expensive cosplay and the photo concepts I do cost... All of the wigs, costumes, props, toys cost $$$$ wether its for patreon or my other social media.. dont get me wrong... I understand this is MY hobby, at first I had no issues at all money wise.. i mean shit i kicked out 40+ cosplays last year but then life slapped me in the face with some bullshit so I couldn't go hard like before. *insert an extremely sad face*

If I go too long without posting, ppl ask what's up.. The last thing I want to tell them is I'm broke and can't do shit right now.. so decided to make a post about it. Maybe if people understand why i push patreon so much, more people would sign up. For example, I have a tier that only cost $1... i post alot of content on mine but only a hand full of people have signed up to see all the awesomeness. :( I haven't set a second goal yet but my second goal will be for the photography side. Props, backdrops, lighting... all the awesomeness. The selfie sets will look like professional photos while the professional sets will be magazine quality! Ohhh girllllllll
Thank you so fucking much to my current patrons. You guys are my rock ❀
Thanks for all the love and support. I can't buy wigs with it but makes my heart very happy.

I think I figured out my new sets for patreons!!! July is my birthday month so I'm going ham lol!
Only $1 to sign up plus I have an option to get content from other tiers so you can still get the good stuff without changing tiers. Unlike alot of other artist, I post alot to my $1 tier so even a little bit can get you alot of content. For me personally, if someone doesn't post enough, I remove my pledge. (Yes we pledge to our favorite artist too) But anyways.. July is gonna be too good :p you can find my patreon by visiting my ig, the link is in my bio
Here's more bunny for you :) #gasmask #fashionphotgraphy #unique #pinkhair #pastelgoth

Good morning facebook! It's Monday again.. time for a new week.
Gas mask bunny concept
Photography: Shot by the hubby, edited by me.
#gasmask #fashionphotgraphy #edgy #different #bunny

Gas Mask Bunny Concept.
I found an image of a girl in a gas mask with bunny ears. I found the ears at hot topic and the mask at a comic con! It took me a while to get everything together but finally my master piece is complete!

Just finished editing the gas mask bunny set :) can't wait to start posting these bad boys

Bored with porn? Check out my Doggy Style Tier on my patreon. Link in bio for more info. The sexy lingerie Wednesday was posted today πŸ–€
#naughtygirl #sexy #nudes #porn #dirtygirls

#wednesdayadams #cosplayer #cosplay #blackandwhite #selfieset #dark #cutegirls #spookygirls



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