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ROGAN RICHARDS  @bodybuildingbyroganrichards @photographybyroganrichards Rogan's in BARCELONA ☀️ WISHLIST

a chained BEAST. 2017 3D calendar presented by @eagle_leather images @simon_ology

RWR described his new album as "My heartbreak record" Besides being so FKIN RAD! it's been the perfect soundtrack for my Barcelona trip. Being in a city full of beautiful fags and sex on tap like a sushi train I've been desperately trying to find a decent connection with someone (the Disney idealist in me I guess) Then finding it only to have it taken away from me via vicious rumors spread by bitter queens. So THANKYOU @robtswthrayguns for giving me an album to escape in. For keeping me company. (Besides Nanna and Boomy of course! But they can't always b there with the press of a play button)

It wasn't me! The water pushed my pants down! at the notorious WATER PARK party with Nanna and BOOM. 🐳🐳🐳

A bulkers paradise! @chokbarcelona

@chokbarcelona with BOOM! BOOM! @lucas_flamefly

MOTU MONDAY. Also currant mood.

Feels like it was only yesterday when we were here first @saint___nicholas and I was a GOGO Boy 🙈 miss u. Follow this cheeky monkey!

have you seen LEATHER MASTER @eagle_leather #roganrichardswearseagleleather

2 days till I see this chinchilla shit!!! @lucas_flamefly
" Why "BOOM" ? " I have a few nicknames some people use to call me of. In Spain, some people call me "Luquitas" or "Luquiño" which I find very sweet. Among my DJ friends and some party producers that I have a closer relation with, I am known as "FLAME" which I find it awesome. @rodolfobravat calls me "Minibear 🐻❤️", @djfelipelira calls me "Meu Chaveirinho", and the list goes on.
But there's one nickname that just certain people call me and it all started with @roganrichards 's vision of what I meant for him. BOOM ! I didn't really understand when he first started calling me like that. But now it feels like I have been BOOM all my life 👊🏻 - Pic by my dear friend @kikodionisio_photography (Congrats for your 24k) and wearing @littlerokoriginal . BOOM and BUILDINGS in BERLIN. July 2017th. Rainy day.

Focus on them!

My new BF! #Repost @albron111
Here's Derek, the first model of a series I'm starting, dedicated to gentle bad boys. 😁

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