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RoForReal  Photos of an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. Enjoy … I know I am <3

I, now, believe this with all my heart ❀️ and soul. If I had to keep a tally, last week was one of the best weeks I've had in a LONG time because I chose to stay positive. #MadeUpMindIsADangerousThing #PositiveVibes #GetYouSome

Love it when she lets me "hold hands." 😍😍😍#BabyAila #LovingMyNiece

Got my niece down for a nap #LittleDivaGottaBeHeldFirst #BodyHeatBaby

Made the mistake of getting down to his level and sat on the floor. For about five whole minutes, I had 102-lbs of goodness all in my lap. 😍😍😍 #GentleGiant #MyBullmastiffPup #HeLovesWhenILoveOnHim

Casualty of war #CaughtSleeping #TiredAunt

My niece, Aila (pronounced Aye-Luh) has touched down 😍😍😍

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