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I want to thank all my fans again who follows me throughout the years and shoose me as the people champion @bader_boodai @ahmad_askar_1 @abdullah_84otb @nebbia_fitness @yamamotonutrition @swoleoclock @manager.nr1 @grippedfitnessaudio @ryderwear

Champions are not the ones who always win races - champions are the ones who get out there and try. And try harder the next time. And even harder the next time. 'Champion' is a state of mind. They are devoted. They compete to best themselves as much if not more than they compete to best others.
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Reflecting back on this Olympia, it made me aware of really and truly how special Askar @ahmad_askar_1 is to me. Often people might say thanks to my coach for a great “prep” .. but this isn’t a “prep” with askar, this is a lifestyle and a life-long brother by my side who day in and day out is there for me, making sure I am mentally and physically ok! His isn’t just a coach, he is family to me, his heart is 1 and a million, he is trustworthy loyal and would really and truly do anything for me! I am a product of his work .. and most people don’t trust and do what they think is best, I will have to tell you that with askar being a trustworthy brother, I trusted his process and boom, I am a product of what he created and show our loyalty to one another! Askar , I love you brother.. and to many more years to come! @ahmad_askar_1 @ahmd_ashkanani @bader_boodai @o2_gyms @l_a_design_photographer @abdullah_84otb @dr.azizkaram @abdulla_boudastour @mj_forreal @suliman_altarkait @ashasebera_danabrooke @ahmad_alnaqi1 @orlandocroes @bader.alali @alex_stolk @redaalqabandi @renewildofficial @mo2_alrashed @manager.nr1

i want to Thank all my fans who Follow me throughout the year and choose me as the people champion. it means a lot to me because i love the fans and to be choosen as the first people champion is an real honour. But most of All i wanted to Thank my Family and Friends for everything. Camel Crew Thanks again.. The last Time i whas so Happy whas when i won New York Pro and Arnold Classic Australia..?? @bader_boodai @ahmad_askar_1 @abdullah_84otb @abdulla_boudastour @dr.azizkaram @redaalqabandi @suliman_altarkait @big_ramy @alex_stolk @mj_forreal @big_ramy

My thnx go to the Eddie JR hi let me feel reborn back again to make my hair fress so I can rock on stage thnx bro @monster_eddiejr the best barbershop in #lasvegas

Now that’s what we call a great show. Thank you so much to all competitors of this years @mrolympiallc for making this weekend unforgettable! We had a great time @nebbia_fitness @yamamotonutrition @grippedfitnessaudio @swoleoclock @o2_gyms @ahmad_askar_1 @bader_boodai @ryderwear @protan_official

Remember your votes count this year for the 2018 Mr.Olympia. Go now to to vote for yours truely Roelly Winklaar by clicking on the banner to vote, entering your email address and use token password "MrO" . Link also in the bio. I appreciate all your awesome support! Much love!!

This my Germany 🇩🇪 friend Matze @matzebusse hi know me from my pro beginning hi shoot and film me hi know how much love I have for M&M. #Repost @matzebusse with @get_repost
this is #scheiße@mmschocolate

Stay laughing 😆

3 days out for @mrolympiallc

With The Real Deal @chriscormier2

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