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💥Unfiltered Documentary episode 1 has dropped💥
Those who subscribed had the chance to see if first hand last night.
The road to the Olympia officially begins, but Flex doesn't go it alone.
Episode 1 sees Roelly Winklaar drop by the Dragons Lair fresh off a flight, and on a short Florida stopped before he begins his Olympia prep, in famous @o2_gyms in Kwauit.
Flex & Roelly (@yamamotonutrition team mates) hit a hard back session at the net transformed Dragons Lair on the NEW @arsenal_strength equipment.
It’s hard, it’s heavy it’s unfiltered
The Link is in the bio.
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Eyes on the Prize, reach for your goals! @yamamotonutrition will get you there 💪🏼 @l_a_design_photographer @pinkdangerifbbpro
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Saw this superfit brother on the streets in his @jumpman23 attire. I knew I wanted to document what I saw as it is not something that happens daily. Luckily I had my camera with me so I took a couple of shots from afar. Not satisfied with the result, I walked up to him and asked if I could take a picture of him. He obliged and said, sure man. A super cool guy. We had to contend with a lot of people walking back and forth and into the shot and yet he patiently waited and posed until I got the shot I wanted. The end result is this beautiful image. I am glad I wasn't ok with the initial image and decided to walk up to him. Ladies and gentlemen I give you @roellywinklaar, a super athlete and pro bodybuilder, who happens to be a true gentleman. Do check out his page and show him some love. Thanks brother, @roellywinklaar, for your patience and humility. It was truly an honour. I appreciate you. @faisalworldwide @thiscityofmine_

When I come to Kuwait @o2_gyms I feel like I’m coming home to my family ! @bader_boodai I love the feeling of coming to an environment that is so inspiring! Especially seeing Askar @ahmad_askar_1 who is like my brother ! He is there for me around the clock, not only for training but personal life situations, he is one that knows my every move and someone who I can rely on with my life ! I am so grateful to truly call him my brother ! Through this journey called LIFE I have met some amazing people who will never leave my side and he is one of them ! I’m blessed !

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💪🏼 She gets it from her daddy! Daddy’s girl w/ the muscles to prove it! Where did the time go.. I am so proud of you and the woman you are becoming! - having my babies always practicing my pose “most muscular” 💪🏼 @daniyahrijsb_

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#followfriday goes to my cousin Beauty 🔥 @valerie__929 🔥who is Interested in getting back into modeling & advertisements. Please follow her & contact her for serious inquiries about modeling. #model #instamodel #glamour #fitness #beauty #fitness

Miss my baby @daniyahrijsb_

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