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The greatest movie and such an encouraging more unto raging movie to seek. Regardless of what the bullying he went thru to school he continue to rise up and didn't feel that want to FIT though he SHINE his way all the way thru school. The gossips, bullying, ect. didn't confine him, though he confined it. The cost of the cover up. @wonderthemovie Get Your Tickets Now!

@Regranned from @toureroberts @sarahjakesroberts - Great people have discovered the gift of “HUSH”. Check out this clip from yesterday’s message “Clear The Air”. 🤫 (full video in bio) #motivationmonday - #regrann

We look at life and seem to think that our head weighs a ten fold and we look up to the clouds of contentment or as we seek life, can you believe that what we look to is what is holding much more weight than what our mind seems to be forming against. Get thru, Grow thru, Inheritance with, and Keep shinning. ⛅

🌱🍃your 🎆☁mind is more than the 🌿weeds


Knowing your serpents, wolves, ravens & eagles. Isaiah 40:31

Thru any obstacle or elevated situation at a point in your life. There's rest and knowing how to rest your physical and spiritual. 🌿 Jesus Calms the Storm
#JesusLeads @sarahjakesroberts @toureroberts #GraceIsAG #BeTheDifferent #ChildOfTheMostHighGod

@Regranned from @romadowney - I am reminded to not take any day or any person in my life for granted . Its all a blessing from God 🙏 #gratitude · · · · · ·
Giving thanks to the Lord; life is much more than rumors on CNN, the glitches that go on, the mist of all that you do at foundationing and forming thru what the enemy use's to torment; The eloquent gift you bring that transform into strength.
#God's Grace Is G #GraceWins #JesusLeadsThruEveryWay #Waymaker

The Hymns that'll drive that better you in you .... And You Don't Stop

Exodus 23:20 · The greater the assignments, the greater the assistance
1. Protect (In Motion)
- Difficult the better of the way maker
- God will protect you
2. Position
-The angel can bring you to the place, but can't go in for you.
- Can't take the step but does step it up for you.
3. Prepare
- Be alarmed 🍳(The heated pot) the enemy uses to prep his tactics
4. Posses
-Use your faith
"Have faith in God." Jesus said" 🔥Mark 11:22
🌱Forgiveness that leads to freedom
- the greater the adversary the greater the attack - God takes what the enemy intended to
torment me, and used it to transform me 🔄
Sermon : Pastor @stevenfurtick @hollyfurtick

Cure. Read a Book. Dig deeper than the sanitizer that cleans the wounds.

Pastor @stevenfurtick @hollyfurtick · Love
[12]" Now we see only see a dim likeness of things. It is as if we we're seeing them in a mirror. But someday we will see clearly. We will see face to face. What I know now is not complete. But someday I will know completely, just as God knows me completely." ·
🌞 Got thru your Saturday & Up again on a Sunday 🌻 Good Morning Midnight - Evening at sun slow down & Night as day *

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