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RODNEY WONG  🇭🇰HK 🇦🇺ADL Actor☆Stuntman☆Tricker☆Gymnast ☆ Capoeirista☆Martial Artist Founder of Trickstation 🎬 臥虎潛龍-Ronnie 愛出貓-阿球/Joker 古惑仔 江湖新秩序-Tiger 走-MV男主角

Apparently this was me 6 years ago! 😶 😢 Hate seeing moves disappear in my skill set!



"Get us our stuff or you're not goin' no where!" 😠

Getting stranded on the highway in GTA style! 😆

#highwaybreakdown #GTA #lateforshooting

Train it, or lose it!

#Flairs #ThomasFlairs #Planche #Gymnastics

超感 Behind The Scenes
Action Training

I will defeat you with my dagger eyes staring technique!

超感 Action Training.
Behind the scenes trailer.

Hair, makeup, lights, camera, action! 📽🎬 Perhaps looking a little too perfect for my role as a serial killer? 😎😂 My turn to be on screen again. Appearing in the very 1st episode of the TV series I'm working on!


So blessed to have the opportunity to grow and reach further in the field of work I love!

無論點樣被打低, 我哋都係會起返身!

#hkstuntlife #Trickstation #TrickstationCinemaActionAndStunts

Got told off by 2 PT's at the gym today for working some handstand drills. 😑 Claiming them to be too dangerous.

Come on China! When the rest of the fitness world is looking into calisthenics, you're still stuck with just weights and machines, and banning people from doing their workout? 😒

Few days earlier a PT from the same gym kept trying to sell me Kung Fu and Kick Boxing training in which I politely refused. He then proceeded to show off his wushu tricks and we ended in a tricks battle. After that day, the dude stopped hassling me! 😁

End rant!

Thanks @vi_dan again for the awesome top!


Father's Day without my family by my side is just another training day!

Missing my @jfer2
and @kirinfunggor BB!

#FathersDay #HongKongStuntman #Trickstation

Shootin' in the sun! ☀

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