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Rodeo Karma  Veteran owned, American made custom rodeo shirts. #karmakrew #liveyourkarma C4 Belts ambassador Code C4M9ERA

New shirts & goodies are on the way! #liveyourkarma

Customer appreciation. Because I’m thankful for everyone of you!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I have so much to be thankful for. Top of my list is this horse.
He’s such an honest horse, and he’s taken care of me from the first day I tried him out. This year has been a struggle for us both, clashing egos and both of us wanting to win. We had to learn to trust each other and let each other pull their own weight. As soon as we did that we started making headway, up to the point where we were $60 short of filling out @womensprofessionalrodeoassn permit. The weekend of the @prcafirstfrontiercircuit divisional finals we were in the top 5 of the permit girls and just had to run fast and clean to fill our permit.
If you follow my account you’ll know I had an accident right before my run. What most people don’t know is I’m epileptic, I was in a rush and while hurrying back to my trailer to change, I ignored the warning of a seizure and ended up falling face first onto the road. Coming to I was disoriented and not totally sure what was going on.
Enter the second thing I’m grateful for: the women in the @prcafirstfrontiercircuit, these women literally ran their run, found out I was hurt and needed help and rushed to my side. They helped get me cleaned up and bridled my horse for me. We didn’t have much time to get me into the arena, but they got me in the saddle and pony walked me around on suede while I worked on getting my bearings back. Before going in a woman I look up to with great respect and admiration told me if I had to run, run like hell.
That’s what my #bigassbay and I did, because of the trust and bond this horse and I have developed this year, I felt confident enough that he would do everything he could to keep me safe and to run the pattern he always does, without much help from me.
He responded by running a clean run and grabbing the 2nd place win. Not only filling our permit, but finishing 3rd in the permit girls overall.
It takes a special horse to be able to know something isn’t right and take care of you, while still being honest and not taking advantage of the situation. #liveyourkarma #barrelhorse #c4ambassador #c4givingthanks #bigassbay #coronacartel #upupup #aqhaproud

My boys. Suede doesn’t care that Twister was my baby first. He thinks he should be the only pony in my life haha. #barrelhorses #bigassbay #upupup #fooledbythemoon #chillyandwindy

Had some snow this morning and apparently had the boys feeling frisky.
#upupup #fooledbythemoon #barrelhorses #liveyourkarma

I was so excited to get my new reins from @rockstar_reins this weekend! Now if only the weather would cooperate and be nice enough for me to ride!
These are seriously the best reins I’ve ever used and they are all I run in now.
They are the perfect weight and feel for any competitive barrel racer! And the lacing helps get your hands in the right spot, every time!
#barrelracer #liveyourkarma #firstfrontiercircuit #reinsforrockstars #rockstarreins #reinlikearockstar

As a veteran myself, I’d like to say thank you to those who have, or are still serving our great country. Happy Veterans Day! #liveyourkarma #barrelracer #veteranownedsmallbusiness #veteranownedandoperatedsmallbusiness #goarmy

Received an unexpected gift today. A CD full of pictures from my run yesterday! Perfect way to commemorate our first run as WPRA card holders. Love this #bigassbay
#liveyourkarma #barrelracer #weareprorodeo #firstfrontiercircuit #coronacartel #barrelhorse #upupup #c4ambassador

My #bigassbay didn’t disappoint today at the Adirondack Stapede. He handled the new holding pen set up and the stadium atmosphere like a professional. What a way to end 2018!!!! #upupup #c4ambassador #biggarisbetter #liveyourkarma

And winters moving in here in New York. Finished riding and my boots were wet and cold as ice. Got em by the heater so they’re warm and toasty for me in the morning when I head to my last 2018 rodeo. #bigassbay #biggarisbetter #upupup #c4ambassador #barrelracerprobs #liveyourkarma

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