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Rod Noir  Still Breathin'

I’m so proud of this brotha and I don’t really know how to express it. I’ve know this man since we were in the 7 grade- I’m 41 now. We played basketball in High School together. At 17 he talked me into moving out of my mothers house and getting an apartment with him and another one of our friends. We started a rap group together with another friend. (I was the first one out, Locksmith is the last man standing). This guy was the best man at my wedding. Our children were born one week apart. After my divorce he’d call in the middle of the night just to make sure I was ok. He’d show up at midnight and we’d spend three hours talking.

A PhD from Berkeley, now doing his post doc fellowship at Stanford. From Richmond. Parchester.
I love this brotha. That leader, for real!

Rodrick is on his JOB! Taylor said that when she grows up she wants to be a Doctor so that when Africans get sick she can make them feel better. 🙃

Finally decided to get this book. The last known African to be brought to America in the slave trade.
It's so crazy to think how we want to marry the people who did this to our ancestors.
It's so crazy to see black people NOT wanting to identify with being African. He looks like our grandfather or great uncle.
We are a lost people!


I completed my 41st trip around the ☀️ this weekend. I’m astounded by the wisdom gained just in the last 10 years of my life. Looking toward the next 41 trips with the clarity and enlightenment needed to help guide the next generation through the 🌍. —— (📷 Taylor) she was playing with my phone and took a bunch of pics. This one too. Portrait mode and all 😆

#akiliandme is her favorite show.
A little girl from an East African village who learns to speak English with the help of talking animals who come to her in her dreams. THIS is what black children should be watching on Saturday mornings.

Great work @akiliandme !
On point and on code!

I know my followers are like “I thought this guy had a studio and did music?!?” Lol
Don’t get divorced. Your whole life will get upended!

Fresh from the ups truck.
800 pages. This MF is thick!!!

Raising a Pan-Africanist child starts early.

Forgot to post so I guess it’s a #tbt
Me and Tayls at our second Warriors parade.
#dad #daddyslittlegirl #blackfathersmatter #daddydaughter #warriors #nba

Me and Tayls at the Juneteenth festival on fathers day because #BlackFathersMatter
#FathersDay #Fatherhood #daddydaughter #daddyslittlegirl #dad

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