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Rocky Mountain Wolf Project  RMWP aims to improve the public understanding of gray wolf behavior, ecology, and options for re-establishing the species in CO.

New research by scientists from Oregon State University shows that the return of large carnivores can lead to improved stream structure and function. As wolf, bear and cougar numbers increased in Yellowstone (including this wolf exiting the shipping container in the Rose Creek Pen in 1996!), they helped control elk and deer populations, which allowed riparian areas to recover. This kind of trophic cascade is possible in #Colorado and would help sustain the ecological balance of our wild places over time.
Photo by Jim Peaco, @yellowstonenps

Mark your calendars and do not miss this event! @lostwalksband is returning with another stunning performance of their wolf-themed Rock Opera "Wolf, Woman, Man," this time with the support of two of Denver's best breweries, on Friday, December 7 at Denver's @lfx_filmworks .
By purchasing a beer pairing ticket, you’ll will be able to sample brews from @trvebrewing and @ratiobeerworks that coincide with Lost Walks songs. (Non beer pairing tickets are available as well.) This collaboration is truly a one of a kind event for fans of beer, live music, dance and of course...wolves! Find tickets at!

Utah’s Pando aspen clone, the world's largest organism, is collapsing – and overbrowsing is to blame. "The problem is the forest is ageing but every young shoot that comes up is immediately eaten because the browsers have no predators,” said Paul Rogers, the lead author of new research published in PLOS ONE. In the early 1900s, humans aggressively hunted animals like wolves, mountain lions and grizzly bears, which help keep mule deer in check. It's time to reverse the trend and restore natural balance by reintroducing wolves to our landscape!

Trick or treat? It might be Halloween, but don’t expect wolves to howl at the moon or turn into monsters at midnight. In reality, they rarely approach humans – even ones dressed like Little Red Riding Hood tonight.
Photo by Jim Peaco, @yellowstonenps

“The strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf.” It’s Wolf Awareness Week, and we’re talking about the Real Wolf. Gray wolves are social animals and are devoted to family. In packs, knowledge is passed from generation to generation, and wolves teach their young how to hunt, find the best place to swim across a river or tried paths through mountain ranges — simply put, how to survive.

In defining Colorado’s future, we think it’s time to reflect on our past. Will you join our pack and help return wolves to Colorado?

It’s National Wolf Awareness Week, and we want to celebrate the real wolf.
The real wolf can help restore the balance between predator and prey and in so doing restore healthy, dynamically balanced ecosystems. Scientific field studies over the past several decades demonstrate that if wolves are common enough for long enough, and if they are protected from persecution, they can promote ecosystem health, integrity and balance. From songbirds to aspen and elk, from cutthroat trout to willow and beaver – all benefit from the presence of predators on the landscape.

We had a great time at the International Wolf Symposium in Minneapolis over the weekend! Our volunteers tabled at the event, and science team member Mike Phillips spoke at the banquet on the “Last Great Wolf Restoration: Colorado.” Mike received a standing ovation and a special tshirt that said “Doggedly Determined” – a perfect motto for our coalition!

We'll be at the @international_wolf_center in Minnesota this weekend for the annual symposium. This year, the keynote presentation is “Last Great Wolf Restoration: Colorado.” Follow along as we share stories from the event!

We’re lucky to work with incredible artists like Aspen’s Laurie McBride who help bring our story to life!

Calling all cinephiles! The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project, along with @defendersofwildlife and @cowolfcenter, will be at the @crestedbuttefilmfestival this Saturday to talk about wolf restoration in Colorado after a screening of “The Trouble with Wolves.” The film is showing on Sept 29 at 6pm at the Crested Butte Center for the Arts. After the film, there will be panel including the filmmaker, wolf advocate @adventuresofthewildlings and her ambassador wolf Shaya, and Karin Vardaman, a biologist and Senior Representative for Rockies and Plains Program for Defenders of Wildlife. See you there!

#MondayMantra The Colorado spirit is the ability to coexist with the wildlife that surrounds us! It’s time to understand Colorado’s past and rewrite its future — it’s time bring wolves back to Colorado. “Chorus of Colorado” by @grizzlycreekfilms

Mark your calendars! The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project is kicking off the Dynamic Colorado Lecture Series at the @historycolorado center next Monday, September 17! We’re going to discuss the past, present and future for wolves in Colorado — and want you to join! Tickets are $11 (or $7 for students) and can be purchased at 303-866-2394.

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