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Rocksy Light - Cosplay Model  ⠀⠀⠀📥 Business inquiries:⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀💌 ⭐️ 📸 Cosplayer / Erocosplayer 🎨 Retoucher 🔞 Adult girl 🎀 Rating R ⏬ Extra HQ photos

I play to win! 🎮. .
Dva selfie photopack with 35 largest pics already released at

Dangerous 🖤 and hot as hell❤️ Rory Mercury.
Which female character you prefer? Cute and shy girls or energetic and aggressive?.
I like both, because I can be both too 😆.

Today we shot the photoset of in casual style - top, panties and high knee socks. And I like results so much so I decide to treat myself with chips, burgers and Mountain Dew which like too.
Do you like junk food? How often do you eat it?

Tomorrow I will first time make professional shooting of my cosplay since surgery, recovery and health problems that takes 2 month of my life.
I’m so exciting about return to my photo routine. But also feel a little stressed how to return to everything after so long pause.
Can you please cheer me up with a few kind words? If you want 😅.

Maybe we play Question&Answer today?.
Ask any questions that your are want to know from me and I will answer for all that will take more than 5 likes!.

Today’s mood: Feel enough adult to buy cup with Disney princess by myself. Lol.
Do you ever treat yourself with things that you want at childhood?

😋 Uncensored picture on my twitter page @RocksyLight ⭐️.
What do you think is see-though nipples is adult content 🔞 or not?

Want to know what I'm listening to in my headphones? 🎧.
It's Jason Miller's EDM album, "Accel!" 🎶.
Check it out, I think you'll love it like I do! It's on iTunes ❤️ (link in my story).

Gold collection. Photo from 2013 😱😱😱. I’m so proud about my way and changing.
I’m changed so much from this time is everything. Can’t ever feel that my 5 years ago is real me. I feel like it was different person, but accidentally I have her memory.
Do you ever feel the same?

What is your favorite TV show?.
My is Doctor Who. I love how humanistic and exciting it is. Always waiting new series to feel inspiration.

I have so important question for you!!.
Which ingredient in pizza make you mad? 😡.
For me it’s onion, when it’s hot or warm it’s so eww.

Did you ever play visual novels? Which is your favorite?

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