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Alisa Bishop - cosplay model  ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🎀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🎁⠀ 🌸 ⏬ Next sets Oshino Shinobu and Sistine Fibel ⏬ Subscribe until 31 July❗

What do you think about editing pics?

I'm always edit my photo-set's because I want to receive more bright and colorful pic, that will emphasize the emotion and mood. Also I can edit something in my face if it's not that I like. 😛

First look at my Sistine Fibel cosplay! ❤ Swipe to video and bikini version! Her HQ full set will be at this month patreon rewards!

By the way, how is your weekends? I'm shooting a new cosplay all this days!

Who is your favourite maid character?

Little vampyre who rare too see the sun want a summer adventures too!

Just tried my next cosplay Oshino Shinobu from Monogatari series! What do you think? If she fits me?

Switch to check video and bikini version! Also she her full set be one of my reward at my patreon page!

P.s. Today I feel better, thanks for your attention and advices! ❤

Feel too stressed at last days.
I'm always positive. But now feeling that I don't want to leave my bed. Feel really shame because my emotions. I suppose it's all because I have some stress in real life, but it will end only at early august. But I don't want to feel nervous for whole two weeks.

How do you fight your stress?


HQ full sets of my Beatrice (main+swimsuit) cosplay will aviable until 31 July as bonus sets! Check the link!

Japanese gym wear! I bought blue and red version. Now thinking about were I make a shoot with it? Can't make it outside because the coldest ever summer ❄ May be you have any ideas? It will help me a lot!

By the way, we get 75k followers! Thank you all! You are the best! I'm so happy about it! 🎉

People write me everyday to ask something about real/virtual date. And they feel upset after I said that's I already have a boyfriend. Sometimes they write me their upsets with rude words and shaming.

I want to say that cosplay is creativity, so all pictures it's art, like painting. Photography of cosplay is not real human at all, it's impossible to have a relationship with pictures. It's not like this cosplayer will be a full in character. Because wigs, lens, hard makeup is awkward, also like most of all costumes.

Also it's don't mean if someone make a beautiful picture that she/he looking the relationship. Someone can be, but most of all just make it for fun or self-confidience, or art creativity, or work.

Feel a little nervous bc at this year there is too cold summer. Everyday is rain and temperature around 13-18° (55-65F), can't make outside summer pictures without feel too cold >.<
I want to belive I can found a time with warm days.

The costume, wig and shoes sponsored by @bhiner.cosplay.taobaoagent


Check my patreon page to receive full hq sets and many another special rewards! This picture is from previous rewards cycle!

Do you have siblings? How is your relationships?

I have a brother, he is really smart and kind guy. But no one can say that we have the same blood! He is tall, with different face, with dark skin, with black eyes. I love him so much!

Dat old pic. Take her in 2013. But still see that ppl share this set. I glad when public pages share my works, it's mean they like it.
But often they forgot or don't want to tag me (another autors too) and not all pages want to tag cosplayer, even cosplayer ask it. They just delete picture. Can't understand why they don't want to notice the creator.

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