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RocksyLight  Backup account of @rocksylight ⏬ ⏬ Extra content

Friendly reminder that you can support my creativity and get extra rewards on my Patreon.
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Keep trying, keep fighting

I’m not sure if I still need to post here casual photos, or add my art too?
Because I don’t to lose this page too. But not sure if this type of pics really interesting

My main instagram @rocksylight page with 250k followers got deleted like a many other pages nowadays. I didn’t post anything bad, as also last few month most of my all of my posts was content images with a fully covered body in casual clothes, because I decided to post more explicit content on my Twitter.
I don’t get this tendency to fight with female bodies.
If you still using only instagram it’s time to start use Twitter too, because instagram becomes really stressful because of tons of bans, it’s not a safe place anymore. Even if I receive my account back - I’m still will be more free as creator on Twitter page.
So please follow:

I don’t like winter, but I like cozy things.

Winter is coming and my face becomes more sad and tired. I think I need a vacation 🤗

I feel like an absolutely different person compared to myself a year ago.

My first push up 😱
My mom visited Vietnam and found there lingerie for my size and gifted it for me as souvenir

Filming 🎬
This is will be my first professional video! I’m so exciting about it!

Home style and outdoor style.
I wore Lolita style clothes for years, but now prefer casual clothes. Maybe I become more mature?
I’m changed too much in 2018.

Morning selfie ✨

Reworking this page into backup account with backup for some pics from stories ⭐️

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