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Welcome home master!
How are you today? Please tell me!

Tsundere goddess here! No one can be better then me! Remember it!

Me - @Rocksy.chan shot cosplay of Soryu Asuka Langley! Feel so close with her. She is absolutely my character! Can't wait to show you the final results.
⚠️This full HQ set will be available for my patrons! Join until 30 Nov.

Next picture contents sexy bikini without censoring.
⛔️If you don't want to see it - don't swipe.
✅If you want to see it - like ❤️ before swipe.
Next picture of this set will be post only if we get 10.000 likes!
P.s. Model is adult
If you were a sin, which you will be? And why?
I'll choose "pride". Because I believe I can do anything. And feel so good when my works receive many likes ❤️ and attention.

How do you prefer to rest?
Party at home? Dancing at club? Watching Netflix at home? ⭐️

Can you, please, tell me which which anime I should watch in this current season?
May be any characters that will be suits me!

Krul Tepes is absolutely adult girl! She is more then 1200 years old!
I suppose, she didn't like to say her current age. Because it's not important and does not determine her!

Why I'm telling it? Because everyday I receive questions "how old are you, Rocksy". Every time I answer "adult", because it's only one thing that can be important, because sometimes it's included sexuality in my photos. I don't hide my age, I wrote it at many posts. But people should not evaluate the creativity, in the accordance with age of author. Because age is only numerals.

Do you feel ok with your age? Have you ever experienced pressure of ageism?

I think this photo is most popular that I ever shot. I really glad when I see my pictures at another pages and site, because it's mean someone like my photos so much and want to share this photos for more people!
You can post all my pictures at your pages, but please don't forget credits! Thank you!

All people deserve attention and love!
Let's share our love and attention for each other!
Like interraction starts here!
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❤ Feel the love!
Nico Yazawa cosplay costume was sponsored by @head_wink! Share them some love too! ^_^

Yesterday I asked in my stories what do you think is better original image or with filters. 58% says that natural look is better and 42% that filtered better.
Sure, natural images shows people more real, like it will be your friend and you are chatting with each other.

But many bloggers and cosplayers use filter cameras and apps. 🌸 It's simple way to look more perfect at everyday of life. Because all people have bad days, and don't want to show their skin problems. Also bad lighting make people looks weird, filters make face more accurate without any bad shadows. I like filters because I'm in love with kawaii culture and feel so funny with cat ear 😻 or bows 🎀 at my selfies
By the way, what do you prefer natural or artificial beauty? And why?

I prefer second, because no one choose which bones or muscules them received. But artificial beauty is a big field for activities for creativity and experimentation! It's possible to be different!

Warning ⚠️ Like before swipe!
Next image content pantsu shot! Don't swipe if you don't want to see it!
P.s. Model is adult.

I'm so interested how you find my page! Can you tell me it?

Today I want to tell which characters I chose for this month!
It will be
Asuka from Evangelion.
Yuno from Future Dairy
Jack the Ripper from Fate

Which character you want too see more on me? May be you can advise me other cool characters?

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