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Thank you @rosannascotto and @loristokes_ for the opportunity to sit and chat with you about ongoing relief efforts in #PuertoRico and the @rocksteadyforlife #townhall on April 18th. 🙏🏽 #Bboy #crazylegs @rocksteadycrew1977 #rocksteadycrew @gooddaynewyork #newyork

On April 18, at the Great Hall in Cooper Union, I will be holding a #townhall discussion which will feature myself and some of the other people I’ve met or partnered up with along the way. #PuertoRico has been their go a lot and we made sure that we showed up when the bell rang. Now it’s time for a status report and discussion about our work and future efforts. We are inviting the community to sit in, listen and engage in helpful dialog. Please RSVP, before space runs out. @rocksteadyforlife @redbull @puertorocksteady @rocksteadycrew @wavesforwater @mpowerdinc @beautybyharper @angelamariaotg @eldepartamentodelafood @tainasunidas @brooklynstorm @chachination @valerielora @crazylegsbx

Yesterday I did the voiceovers for the next segment of the documenting of #humanitarian / #reliefefforts in #PuertoRico . Thank you @redbull for your continued support and helpin to keep the dialog alive. #supportpuertorico @rocksteadyforlife

On my recent trip to #tokyo #japan , @hano20090504 presented me with a piggy bank that had money which was dedicated towards my efforts in #PuertoRico . Because she knew how important is was for me to help my people, she made it her business to help the cause by sacrificing her candy money for the sake of helping people in Puerto Rico. I’ve finally had time to open up the bank and count the money. In total, Hano saved what equals $22.54 in US currency. This has to be used in a way that will make a difference, so I’m asking everyone to make suggestions on how to spend the donation. I’m going to be in Puerto Rico in 2 days and I would like to document how the money is spent and send Hano a progress report. I want her to see how a little can go a long way and every donation matters. Thank you in advance. #bboy #crazylegs @rocksteadyforlife @redbull @redbullbcone

Hi everyone meet Bgirl Hano from #Japan . @hano20090504 it was so nice of you to care about the situation in #PuertoRico . Several months ago when @hano20090504 heard about our mission in #PuertoRico , she decided to save her money instead of buying candy, so that she can do her part in helping Puerto Rico during a time of need. Hano is an amazing talent, great student and hard worker at such a young age. She also just happens to be the newest member of @rocksteadycrew1977 . Thank you Hano for your sincere kindness. 🙏🏽 #humanitarian @rocksteadyforlife #bgirl #bboy #crazylegs #rocksteadycrew #supportpuertprico @redbull @redbullbcone

At the @rocksteadyforlife event in #Tokyo #Japan and @strawberry15lilrebel is beyond looking cute. She’s an amazing talent!

Today was an amazing day. It’s as simple as this. @rocksteadyforlife helped save a local farmer #puraemuna in #Jobos , #Isabela #PuertoRico . I don’t want to go into the details, but I cried #tearsofjoy . I’m super happy and thankful to anyone who has donated to our #RockSteadyForLife #GoFundMe mission to help Puerto Rico. Thank you to all of you who are in this for the long run. #bboy #crazylegs #rocksteadycrew @rocksteadycrew1977 @redbull @redbullbcone @djenuff @djtonytouch @gbothepro @puertoricorob @joselleyokogawa @nina.soul #farming #hydroponic #organic @visitrico @eldepartamentodelafood @fatjoe

I had the good fortune of speaking with @lbaquero4ny #LindaBoquero for a piece on @nbcnewyork #visiones . We discussed the the effect on relief efforts in #PuertoRico and what’s coming up in the near future with on going efforts. Please watch on #Saturdaymorning . Show starts at 6:45 AM for all of you early birds. #rocksteadyforlife @redbull @wavesforwater @puertorocksteady @redbullbcone #supportpuertorico #bboy #crazylegs #boricua #bronx #redbull @rocksteadycrew1977 #rocksteadycrew

It’s a double header birthday bash and fundraiser for our continuing relief efforts in #PuertRico . Come join @rocksteadyforlife tonight at 11PM, at @cielonyc and @camaradas115 for the birthdays of @crazylegsbx @dcashflow74 (Danny Castro) and @angel1nyc (Angel Deleon). Jan 2 at Cielo and Jan 3 at Camaradas.

Today @rocksteadyforlife donated 20K which will benefit sustainable farming in #PuertoRico! Meet Tara from @eldepartamentodelafood and Camille from @visitrico 👊🏽 and now part of our extended family. We are making sure that the money donated to the Rock Steady For Life fundraiser is being put into use in an immediate and sustaining manner. Thank you on behalf of @puertoricorob @djenuff @gbothepro @djtonytouch and myself #CrazyLegs for enabling us to help our people. Click link in Bio to donate. @rocksteadycrew1977

I’m #Rincon , we connected with the #DeafCommunity and I was fortunate enough to have John assist me as the communicator. He was able to sign language all of the information needed for the people recipients of the #waterfiltration systems. He’s a very intelligent little brother . #boricua #supportpuertorico @rocksteadyforlife @wavesforwater @redbull @angelamariaotg

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