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Rockmount Ranch Wear  We are Denver-based Western clothing manufacturer, Rockmount Ranch Wear. Founded by Jack A. Weil, inventor of the snap Western shirt, in 1946.

Rockmount is ready for @greatamericanbeerfestival. Are you?
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Thank you to Loren Humphrey and @robackroyd of @florenceandthemachine for stopping by Rockmount before headlining @grandoozy this weekend!

Not one to fall into misplaced sensibilities but he was a really great dog. Wazee came into our lives in the Fall of 2005 and left us earlier this week. He was a gift from my Dad. We discovered that he was a social animal when to avoid having him dig up the sprinkler system for the 3rd or 4th time we brought him to work. He loved it, endearing himself to all as this was the year we opened the store. When he walked in first thing in the morning, he went straight to Papa Jack age 104. I thought it was because Papa had a way with animals. Turned out half a donut helped.
Wazee was really smart, knew dozens of words, though spoke little. He ruled from on top of the stairs to the mezzanine. He became head of security on Nov 24, 2011 when The Denver Post ran his photo and story on the front page after his role in cracking a credit card scam. ( Wazee received awards from both Visit Denver for his role in hosting visitors from out of town as well as the Denver Athletic Club after stopping the crime spree.
At home he stayed on patrol on the first floor waiting for the last of us to return home at night. He never watched the clock, staying on point until all were where they belonged.
Totally unaware of his celebrity Wazee never dropped the names of all the rock stars he met including: Robert Plant, Sam Smith, Avett Bros., Mumford & Sons, The Killers, Chris Issak, to name a few... Anyway we wanted you to know that someone special left the building and that we toast him today.
Steve Weil

Repost @shannonleetweedsimmons. Happy birthday to @genesimmons! Seen here in Rockmount 640-DS. #Rockmount #RockmountRanchWear #Denver #Colorado #WesternWear

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