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Is anyone really surprised?

How is this ok?!?

This is beyond disturbing! This racist piece of shit needs to be fired. Repost from @17thsoulja4 ・・・
Off duty LAPD officer shoots into a crowd of children after he called a girl a "CUNT" for walking on his lawn. Police were called to the scene, where two children were arrested but crazy bald head goes FREE! Let that have been a Black or Brown man and a group of white kids! NOT NEVER EVER EVER! There is an immediate call to action and protest happening at Euclid St and Palais Rd in #anaheim at 7pm TONIGHT demanding the release of the juveniles arrested and the immediate arrest of the GROWN ASS MAN-POLICE OFFICER that shot into a crowd of children! The full video is on Facebook

This is just disgusting, I know if this happened to my child I would go nuts. I don't care if I were arrested, that's my baby and NO ONE touches them. Children of color are never seen as innocent children. They are treated as adults with excessive force. Had this been a white teen NOTHING would have even occurred. Repost from @xicanisma_ ・・・. Wow. An off duty cop was harassing Latinx kids walking home after school in Anaheim, CA for walking on his lawn. At one point, he grabs a 13 year old boy. He doesn't let him go and ends up dragging him by force over to his house (to make it look like self defense, obviously) and once he gets him on his property he fires his gun (no one was shot) and all the other kids take off running. Eventually, the cops arrive and they arrest the teen but not the racist piece of shit. I'm not shocked by this, children/teens of color are never seen as children/teens, but I am still disgusted after having watched this. I hope this boy's family fights until that man is arrested and fired, though I'm sure his actions will be justified.

This is disgusting and truly sad. They are being treated like criminal for simply wanting clean water. They had won and this orange piece of shit reversed it simply cause he could and to make a quick 💵. FUCK TRUMP AND HIS SUPPORTERS.

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Well done New Orleans! 🙌👏 Repost from @17thsoulja4 ・・・
More than 300 mayors have vowed to end veteran homelessness . New Orleans is the first city to do so.At 6 p.m. on Jan. 2, social workers in NewOrleans moved the city’s last known homeless veteran into his new apartment – becoming the first US city to effectively eliminate veteran homelessness. Homelessness advocates around the country are hailing New Orleans as a model for cities around the country looking to end homelessness, not just for veterans, but for all people needing a permanent home.

#Repost from @undocumedia ・・・
"On this day [Feb. 19th] in 1942, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, authorizing the Secretary of War and commanders of the U.S. Armed Forces to declare areas of the United States as military areas "from which any or all persons may be excluded." This paved the way for the internment of approximately 110,000 Japanese Americans." Repost @sonsandbros

Yes 🙌... mmm hmm with that pro life bs.

🙌 yeah exactly, I mean what's the big deal 😏