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Today is the day. I can’t properly put into words the gratitude that I have for being able to work on a show that has taught me so much over the past 4 years. There have been many ups and downs, but ultimately my time performing with the London cast of STOMP has been some of the best times of my life. I am in both of the final 2 shows today and will be smashing the life out of every number. Thanks for the memories. Now on to the next adventure. Much love x 📸 Simon Way Photography

Although it has proved challenging, I achieved a lot in 2017 and now feel like I have a lot to work towards next year. It’s good to set goals to keep focused and I need to remember that going forward. Hope you all have a great 2018 #bestnine2017 #yearinreview #stomp #gym #drums #boomerang

Another jumper to add to the collection. Whatever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stranger #strangerthings #adidas #demogorgon #netflix

ANOTHER IMPRESSION VIDEO. Part 2 of 2. Here is the rest of my Brick Top impression from Snatch. As always it’s just for fun and I hope you enjoy it! And if you really like it, then hook a brother up with a little share - https://youtu.be/O8n_LLavsNs #snatch #guyritchie #impression #gangster #voice #actor #film #professionalidiot #bricktop

ANOTHER IMPRESSION VIDEO! Part 1 of 2 I wanted to try something different with this new impression of Brick Top from Snatch and try and put a video together that was a bit more "Youtube", please give it a watch and let me know what you think. I really hope you like this one! If you could be a real pal and subscribe to my channel it would help me massively as I want to try and push that going into the new year! And if you really like it, then hook a brother up with a little share - https://youtu.be/O8n_LLavsNs #snatch #guyritchie #impression #gangster #voice #actor #film #professionalidiot #bricktop

SOUND ON!!! #fbf to the time that I went for it and it paid off! I shall miss being on the London stage with @stompldn dearly. I’ve had an absolute blast these past 4 years, it may not always have been easy but I’ve appreciated every second. We have just over 3 weeks left so please come check it out if you have been meaning to. #stomp #performer #rhythm #drums #theatre #westend #yeahigotskills

Next impression video on the horizon. Shooting it today and hopefully should have it all ready to go for the end of the week. #snatch #bricktop #gangster

Little song for you. #notasinger #snow #winteriscoming 🔈Sound On

It’s Christmas jumper time #byorderofthepeakyblinders #christmas

Don’t know why but this one got me! 😂😂😂 #bantanddec #antanddec #hadawine


The second half of the video for my Peaky Blinders tribute. I bloody love his show! #impression #actor #cillianmurphy #peakyblinders #professionalidiot


Sound On.

In honour of the great Peaky Blinders coming back to our screens. I decided to do a recital of ‘In The Bleak Midwinter’ because of its significance in the show and it’s coming up to Christmas time too ;) It’s meant to be titled Peak instead of Bleak because I love a pun. It’s also meant to sound a bit Cillian Murphy-esque. I hope you enjoy it. Please like, comment and follow for more videos!

As always, it’s only meant to be for a bit of fun.

#peakyblinders #actor #impression #cillianmurphy #voice #professionalidiot

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