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Congradulations @janetmock on your #time100 most influential people of are an incredible author, the voice of truth, my friend and one of my favorite humans!!! Much love β™₯️

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Attention and Intention ... Inherent in every intention and desire is the mechanics for its fulfillment. Intention and desire in the field of pure potentiality have infinite organizing power.

And when we introduce an intention in the fertile ground of pure potentiality, we put this infinite organizing power to work for us.

This conscious change is brought about by the two qualities inherent in consciousness: attention and intention. Attention energizes, and intention transforms. The quality of intention on the object of attention will orchestrate an infinity of space-time events to bring about the outcome intended. -Deepak Chopra

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SUPER BLOOD BLUE β™ŒοΈπŸŒ™ SUPER: A Super Moon happens when the Full Moon is closest to Earth. Visibility will be high and its energetic effects will be strong.

BLOOD: A Blood Moon is used to describe a series of three or more Total Lunar Eclipses, but the name comes from the fact that a Total Eclipse gives the Moon a reddish glow. Blood Moon’s are quite rare, and we haven’t had one since 2015. Because Blood Moon’s always happen in series, we will have two more Total Lunar Eclipses to follow, one later in 2018 and another in 2019.

BLUE: A Blue Moon is the second Full Moon of the month. Whenever there are two Full Moon’s in a month, the second is referred to as a Blue Moon. This is also an extremely rare occurrence and makes this Eclipse particularly significant. Interestingly enough, 2018 brings us two Blue Moons!

LEO: Having an Eclipse like this in the sign of Leo is extremely rare and has not occurred in hundreds or possibly even thousands of years.

Whenever we have a rare celestial event such as this, we feel the energy strongly and it has the potential to cause huge ripples and waves in our lives.

Seeing as this Blood Blue Moon Eclipse falls in the fire sign of Leo, it is really going to be guiding us to take charge of our lives and to step into that role of being the King or Queen of our own jungle.

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