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Robert Bledsoe  Hi! I'm Bob.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Jessi’s beach boot camp with our nephew, Jackson! Welcome to Florida little dude (and sweet shades!) We love you!

Anyone else ever feel this way when you call your spouse and say, “Hey! I’m running by Costco for a few things! Need anything?” And then leave with a cart full and realize you have to share with aforementioned spouse about all the “sweet deals” you found? Just me? See ya when you get home @jessrybledsoe 😬#costcoaddict

We’ve got our concord coffee and we’re ready for plenary session 1 of #flumc18 #GoMocs

Some say that hurricane season is about to start. They may be correct - but I say that wedding season is about to start! Congratulations Nick and Jenna!

Sometimes you go all the way to Mexico to get a pedicure from fifty baby piranhas... (they’re not really - but I giggled for fifteen minutes straight). We made it back to Fort Myers and had an absolutely wonderful trip. Beaches, beautiful water, too much food, family, and plenty of vitamin D. Is tomorrow too soon to plan our next one?

On today’s episode on why Jessica is incredible: she got a new job!

She accepted a position at Direct Access Counseling in our community! She will be working directly with a variety of clients. The best part is she now has her own office and doesn’t have to drive all over SWFL! I’m so proud of her commitment to helping others and working towards her goals. Happy first week of your new job!

Happy Easter! With today’s services completed that means I’ve been in ministry at Cypress Lake UMC (Fort Myers) for 9 months. It also means I’ve made it through my first Christmas and Easter season as a pastor! I’ve been really bad about posting pictures and sharing moments since I started - so here’s a few from throughout the year that really make me smile. On this day especially I am incredibly grateful for my calling and the ability to serve at such an incredible church. Now, time for a nap 😴

Goodness gracious Jessica is 27! I’ve never met anyone who is so hardworking, so dedicated to serving others, and so committed to loving everyone. You’re my rock and my inspiration. Keep on being the best woman I know and keep making the world a better place. I love you to the moon and back 😍

It was a terrific opportunity to meet Dr. Gary Chapman (author of The 5 Love Languages) tonight and hear him speak. I just finished teaching a class on his book and told him when we met that “if he lost his place or forgot what he was about to say to let me know because I’d totally fill in for him!” “Everyone has got a love tank that needs to be filled. How can we learn to love one another better?” A great challenge for everyone to hear.

Grateful for the chance to take a few days away from the busyness of the church and have time to read, write, pray, and prepare for this upcoming summer of ministry. I’m pumped for what God has in store for our church in the coming months!

The say pets are like their owners... Well, here’s a glimpse of the Bledsoe household before and after coffee in the mornings. Thanks for the assist, George! 😒👉🏼😄

That feeling when you’re trying to get your bible studies written for the week but keep getting distracted... *Reference Matthew 4:10 for accuracy.

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