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Robyn Lee  I like food things, cute things, and funny things. A 'Murican in Bergen, NO. 🇺🇸 🇳🇴 🇹🇼

I still regret not buying this garbage/recycling-themed gachapon. DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE. GET DAT TINY GARBAGE. #latergram #gachapon

Tiny Japanese post boxes through the years. I loooove theeeemmm. Wish I had gotten one of those old-timey cylindrical ones instead of the one on the bottom right, but it's still cute. I'm mildly tempted to make tiny mail to stick inside. #latergram #gachapon

This was the most expensive gachapon we bought. (Most of them are 200 or 300 yen.) Now we have a tiny siphon and a tiny spoon for our nonexistent tiny coffeeshop. #latergram

One of my reasons for visiting Akihabara was to find loads of gachapon. Indeed, GACHAPON WAS FOUND. This shop is called アキバ系アイドルショップ, and around the corner is a larger gachapon hall. #latergram

I got back from Tokyo one-and-a-half months ago and I'm still annoyed I didn't look in this box. #latergram

Super Potato is a must-visit shop for classic video game lovers. Or, if you're like me, someone who grew up around video games (thanks to my older bro) but otherwise didn't actually play much (aside from, uh, Mario Kart). Memories oozed out of every corner. I kind of regret not actually buying any games. Weeks after I got back to Norway, I remembered that I still have a Gameboy. #latergram

I spent most of my time at the owl cafe staring at a little owl named Sweet Potato (first two pics). It was time well spent. #latergram

Move like a turtle. Talk like a ninja. This was one page of a huge booklet we read while waiting for our reservation at Akiba Fukurou, an owl Café in Akihabara. #latergram

The best daikon is sassy daikon. #latergram

Cute construction fences adorned with flying origami cranes and fluffy trees 'n clouds. #latergram

The melon pan from Kagetsudo was one of the best things I ate during my trip to Tokyo. I've never eaten a melon pan anywhere near as good as this one. Stuffing soft serve in the middle is gilding the lily, but I had to get it because...SOFT SERVE. (@kaaregut and I had tried a plain one the day before. We went back the next day for the soft serve sandwich.) #latergram

Tonkotsu ramen at Ichiran. Not life-changing, but I enjoyed it! Maybe adding the spicy goop would've left a bigger impression. I don't think I could've handled it though--my spiciness tolerance is like [holds thumb and index finger a hair's-width apart]. #latergram

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