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Robin Sharma  One of world’s top #leadership experts. 📚15 million books sold in 96+ nations. New book #The5amClub [soon!] Flagship live event:

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: in response to the remarkable demand, I’ve just opened up the first block of public seats for The Titan Summit 2018...
...this 4-day live event with me and my world-class Faculty is widely considered one of the best masterminds on the planet for people seriously ready to become empire-makers and history-creators. [This event is NOT for everyone].
...most of the seats have already been taken up by participants at last year’s Summit as well as by my clients who attended Personal Mastery Academy in June.
...The Titan Summit 2018 will be held at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto on December 8-11.
...regular tuition fee is $40,000 again this year but if you act now you’ll get a GREAT discount that you absolutely will LOVE [and definitely don’t want to miss]. Snap up one of the remaining seats here: [link in bio]

Comment below with a quote that has inspired you to reach for your next level of greatness. And tag a friend that has pushed you to elevate your game.

Excerpt from my book “Daily Inspiration From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. Hope it helps. Love, Robin #DailyKickstart

I had a wonderful conversation with my father who shared that “the mango tree with the most fruit is closest to the ground.” And so, when it comes to genuine—and enduring-leadership, the humblest is the greatest.
This quick audio will walk you through my thinking on the absolute importance of staying grounded and of service as you ascend in success and impact. I hope it helps you. And if you’re ready to go x100 deeper with me so you own your field and live a life you adore, I’d love to help you.
Details on my potent new digital mentoring program that is already transforming the lives of so many people just like you are at
And definitely share the audio message with someone we can encourage with it.

Be great. Love, Robin

Why make excuses when you can simply choose to start working on your big dreams instead? Tag someone who needs to hear this. #DailyKickstart

Craft a life that you’ll be undeniably proud of in the end. Surround yourself with incredible human beings that make you want to do more for the world. And focus on getting your epic dreams done.

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My current favorite book.

So little is required to make another human happy. And it’s a great way to roll through life. Be great. Robin

POTENT audio message for you today: the way you do the small things is practicing how you’ll perform on the big things. Even the tiniest move is either upgrading your productivity and leadership—or degrading your impact.
...All of the best understand that every move matters. So they choose theirs well.
Oh—if you’re ready to go x100 deeper on all my philosophies, methodologies and elite performance technologies, then I’d be happy to help you fly! Go ahead and get the details on my new digital mentoring program that so many people are taking about at
Hope this audio helps! Be great. And all green lights. Love, Robin

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Each day, walk out into the world with a singular mission: to evoke THE BEST from everyone you meet. Regardless of your title, you have the power to do that. For everyone.
Love, Robin

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