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Robin Sharma  One of world’s top #leadership experts. 📚15 million books sold in 96+ nations. New book #The5amClub is NOW AVAILABLE [finally]:

Day 3 of The Titan Summit 2018 was dazzling. From #1 Bestselling Author of “Quiet”, @susan_cain, to the Co-Founder of Quest Nutrition, @tombilyeu, who built a billion-dollar company to Leadership legend @johncmaxwell.

Minds were blown, hearts were opened, spirits soared.

So grateful to all Titans from 36 nations in this sold-out room. Love, Robin

#TheTitanSummit #TheTitanSummit2018

Day 2 just ended. World-class neuroscience around our opportunity for mastery + pure magic in the room. Grateful for the people from 36 nations here in the room.

#TheTitanSummit2018 #TheTitanSummit

Year 6 of The Titan Summit. Here’s a short video from glorious Day 1.

Thank you to all the wonderful human beings who have flown in from 36 nations to experience this completely sold out event.

#TheTitanSummit2018 #TheTitanSummit

Yesterday, we soared with the angels at #TheTitanSummit2018. One of my highlights was spending time with my friend @deepakchopra—who raised the room into the realm of supernovas.

One of the things I so appreciate him for is not only his brilliance and mastery over his material—he’s humble. And gracious.

@jimkwik did a splendid job walking us through the latest on how geniuses do it and methods Hollywood superstars use to outthink and outlearn everyone around them. Thank you Jim.

I shared a lot of new and highly disruptive content on owning your domain while you handcraft a life of acute creativity, productivity, nobility and soulfulness. I truly love all the titans from 36 nations in the room. They are my heroes.

One line I shared that might be helpful to you: “Until your mission becomes an obsession that borders on a possession, your business will never rise into a movement worthy of the construction of a monument.” Today’s Day 2—all about biohacking and exponential longevity. Peace. Robin

Day 1 of The Titan Summit 2018 is nearing a close. I gave 1000% as I shared “The Virtuoso’s Algorithm” + “The Pathway to Victory” to rise to legendary.

Deepak Chopra blew the room open with his presentation on MetaHuman + the next level of our species.

Brain optimization master Jim Kwik is up next. [36 nations in the room. Blessed + Grateful.]

Today’s insight for A-Players: without relentless optimization you’re on the path to irrelevance. This is year #6 of our flagship live event The Titan Summit. When I dreamed up the idea of handcrafting one of the finest 4 day learning events for empire-makers and history-creators—with a Faculty ranging from Richard Branson to Deepak Chopra—eyes were rolled and laughs were released.

No one will believe in your vision until you believe in your vision, right? And nothing happens until you BEGIN.

And so I dared. And risked. And worked. And optimized. And SERVED.

And now here we are. There will be 36 nations represented in the room this morning. Completely sold-out. I’ll speak and then my friend Deepak will present on “MetaHuman: The Next Phase of Human Evolution” followed by my friend Jim Kwik who will share “How Geniuses Manage Their Brains.” Oh—and for everyone sending me DMs on how much they love the new book as well as the audiobook, deep and sincere thanks. I was in isolation for so long as I wrote it and your words are like fuel for my spirit.

I’m currently listening to the audiobook and I have to say it’ It truly is. I guess sometimes a project just comes together in a beautifully way when the intentions are good and the dedication is strong. This is one book you definitely don’t want to miss. Period.

Hope my morning musings are helpful as you make your rise to legendary. Love and all green lights great humans. And thanks for encouraging me. We’re in this TOGETHER. 🔥🔥🔥🔥✌🏽. Robin

In deep prep for The Titan Summit 2018—which starts tomorrow with my AMAZING Faculty for this completely sold-out event that includes Deepak Chopra, Susan Cain, John Maxwell, Tom Bilyeu, astronaut Chris Hadfield, Jim Kwik and other superstar thought-leaders. This is year #6 and I’ve just learned that 36 nations are represented in the room. Here are some of the books of the Faculty members. Feeling beyond grateful for the opportunity to help everyone that will be in the room tomorrow make history. This will be special. I just know it. Love, Robin

Getting your psychology [Mindset] to world-class is important. Yet, that’s only 25% of “The Legendary Performance Equation” that I walk readers through in my new book “The 5 AM Club”. To play at world-class in business, you also absolutely need to purify your Heartset, optimize your Healthset and elevate your Soulset.

You might say: “Robin, I’m a hardcore business builder so Heartset sounds soft—and irrelevant.” Actually, developing your Heartset is hard. To be an open, empathetic, sincere, hope-filled, enthusiastic and kind person requires outright heroism.

And is Heartset relevant to you as you grow your enterprise? Of course. Without a purified heart, you’ll be stuck in the past and toxic, which dramatically reduces your creativity, productivity and connection to your teammates, suppliers and customers.

With a calibrated Heartset, you’ll listen better, have more empathy so your co-workers will trust you more and work with unusual love—creating products that leave clients breathless.

Yes, “The 4 Interior Empires” model of Mindset, Heartset, Healthset and Soulset that I explain deeply in the new book is very disruptive—and shatters many of the common principles around how to rise to legendary in business. And yet, it has created vast fortunes for my own clients.

So I have field experience that it works. Beautifully.

If you want your copy of “The 5 AM Club”, go ahead and order it via the link in my bio. It’s an absolute life-changer. Love, Robin

Doing what's right never goes out of style.

IT’S FINALLY HERE 🔥🔥🔥. After 4 long and arduous years and beautiful and soulful and intense work on my new book #The5AMClub. Get yours here: [link in bio]

#Productivity #Leadership #MorningRoutine

Strengthen your bravery. And have the guts to express artistry. #DailyKickstart

As you end 2018, I enthusiastically encourage you to make the decision that will revolutionize your life and start the training process of getting up at 5 AM [it’s a skill—and like any other skill from cooking to playing the violin, you’ll get better with intentional practice]. Give yourself a 60 minute “Victory Hour” to calibrate your Mindset, purify your Heartset, optimize your Healthset and elevate your Soulset.

By 6 AM, you’ll think so much more clearly [which is amazing for your creativity], have so much more energy [which is key to your longevity], access so much more joy [which is essential to your festivity] and know true inner peace [serenity is the new luxury in this world of acute complexity].
To honor my commitment to helping you make continuous leaps in your performance and impact by getting up early so you have time to battleproof your self, I’ve decided to share a remarkable interview my friend David Bach asked me to do for his followers...
...if you listen carefully, you’ll receive priceless information that will cause you to end 2018 excellently. So 2019 begins with you at your best.

Here’s the interview: [link in bio]

If you’re ready to create your finest life and do work that wows. Go ahead and order my new book, The 5 AM Club, at [link in bio]. This book will be enormously helpful for you.

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