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'How's training going?' Huh?
Oh shit.. yea, hold on.. #accountability #suptraining #supyall #kettlebell #kickyourbootsoff #justaswingin

The hardest days lately are the ones in which I've ran out of responses to the infinite "whys". #harderdaysarecoming #noanswersjusthugs

Y'all know I HAD to try it out already! πŸ˜‚
@yogamasala @haleystaubach

Dad was so grateful to have experienced the solar eclipse. So much gratitude for the universe to prove to him there is still joy to be felt in life. He said "It even made my old heart flutter" & was "absolutely amazing." πŸ’• #coast2coasteclipse #eclipse2017 #garnermoments #gratitude #imnotcryingyourecrying

How's your 2017 eclipse viewing looking today? We've got a HAYzey & partly cloudy one over here! #coast2coasteclipse

While I was in the hay pasture - sweet thang was busy framing up the first half of the deck!! 😍
My future go-to yoga (& our grillin'/chillin') spot in the making.. thank you darlin πŸ’• @donaldturner607
#palmettohouse #homeinthemaking #deckgoingup

We interrupt your regularly scheduled weekend with hay daze. #masseyferguson #tractorlife #hayday

I'm feeling pretty good and that's the truth
It's neither drink nor drug induced, no,
I'm just doing alright

And it's a great day to be alive
I know the sun's still shining
When I close my eyes

#travistritt #greatday #friyay

Everyone likes to ask, "How are you today?"
Rarely does someone like it when you tell them the truth.
My least favorite response to hear, "Oh, I'm so sorry". Look, hospice is what it is & death is normal (100% mortality rate folks - can't avoid that one!). That doesn't make it any less scary for my dad or the experience of being a caregiver much easier. It gives you burnt fucking waffles. It puts you over a month behind in work because by the end of the day you can barely keep your eyes open anymore & your heart just isn't connected. It definitely puts self care on the back burner. It has you researching & listening to physicians podcasts for hospice & palliative care and what to expect in final weeks or days.
It hardens you & softens you all at once. & then, you put another Eggo in the toaster & try again.
FYI, when I ask it - I mean it.
So, how are you today?

#hospice #caregiver #howareyou #butreally #burntwaffles #latergram #leggomyeggo

Deactivated Facebook & removing social media apps from my phone.
Mom is taking a weekend to partake in a seminar in FL & hopefully gain some much needed rest.
I have decided to simultaneously remove excess distractions during this time & for however long I deem necessary beyond Sunday.
You can call & when I'm available, I will call back. Otherwise, don't be alarmed - I'm not dead - just unplugged.
#unplug #bepresent #getoutside

Mm, much better 😍

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