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How small can you turn? The tip dia. is 0.0005" (0.012mm) x 0.0015" long. Then 0.001" dia. thru 0.010" dia. in 0.001" steps. Comparator is 100X and the radius lines are 0.001" increments. Ignore the numbers you see, this is a multi magnification chart and the 100X numbers are out of view. I wanted to see how the Sandvic 20AP material behaves. A very nice present from an IG friend. How close does your center height have to be to turn a 0.0005" dia. ? 😨 Done on my Hardinge watchmaker lathe 😁 (HLVH @ 2800 rpm) C7 brazed carbide lapped with 1/4 micron diamond on a ceramic lap.
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Caveman indexing, description in audio. Rude and crude but rigid and effective.
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A must-see brush in can trick. If I was ever to have a viral video this should be it. Description in audio.
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Description in audio. The carbide woodruff cutter worked great 1100 RPM 5 IPM. 6 passes per pocket Two .070" radial depth passes three times vertically @ 0.129" spacing x 64 pockets. The neck of the cutter only has 0.006" radial clearance on the starter pocket and the cutter dia. is only 0.002" smaller than the starter pocket. That Centennial Carbide micrograin is nice stuff. The cutter looks barely used (end of video). All the woodruff undercut pockets were only 17 lines of code on the trusty DPM. Ready now for Vacuum heat treat. I will be doing a video on this whole project including grinding and lapping this to be flat and pretty square 😁 Promising a guest appearance of the 14" optical flat and how to interpret interference bands.
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Making progress on the precision square. I ground the solid carbide woodruff cutter while the DPM was doing the drilling and milling. Showing the cutter now before I possibly snap It off in these captive pockets.
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Description in audio. I thought about it some more and realized I could get closer to the hollow version I wanted by using a Woodruff cutter to relieve the pockets internally through the outer hole. This only increased the weight 6% but reduced the deflection 62%. This version only deflects 0.00024" more than the solid version with a 50lb edge load. It's time to make it.
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A foolproof face coupling method as long as you can stand an odd number of teeth. I came up with this years ago trying to make an easy to manufacturer face coupling that would have perfect tooth contact. By making the tooth face intersect the Centerline of the part at roughly mid tooth height and using an odd number of teeth you actually cut both sides of the tooth space simultaneously but they are 180 degrees apart. After indexing all teeth, both sides of all tooth spaces are cut and are perfectly centered. They will mate perfectly with any part done in the same setup. That is why I was reducing the neck of that Woodruff cutter. The included angle of the teeth is controlled by the tilt of the dividing head spindle. In this case two degrees giving a 4 degree included angle. This very shallow angle makes the wrench and collet nut stick together nicely until you want to pull it apart. You have to hit the cutter height pretty close to have the parts engage on the flanks only and not bottom out on the tip. These are the two collet nuts for my 5" and 4" precision Tool Room spindles as you can see from the parts shown. Take note that the collet closing forces are all absorbed Within the collet nose adapter and nut and do not compress the spindle itself which would alter the bearing preload.
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Thanks to all my 6001 followers😍. Your very kind words and encouragement are appreciated and I hope to continue to share my practice of the mechanical arts. It's quite humbling that there is even an audience for my adventures. My apologies to those I have unsubscribed to, and all that I have not followed back. I realized very quickly that IG can take up all your time and limiting the number I follow was a must. Thanks again.
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Description in audio. Beautiful eBay find in very nice condition thanks to a heads up from a good friend. 360 division AG Davis ultradex with the mechanical zero attachments. This serial number is 0.22 arc second accuracy. That is 0.000011" per 10" . New cost for one of these without the mechanical zero attachment is approximately $11,300.00
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Guess where all that ductile iron dust went before the plastic shield? (from a previous post). No more 15-minute quill cleanings after a run of castings.
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