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So this is happening. Nope, I can't quite believe it either. #excitedtho #inspiredbymyson #hapkido

Emma is taking part in the Spelling Bee today! So proud of this girl!!

Evan had his first trip (orientation) to Tae Kwon Do this afternoon and LOVED it. He even broke a real board in half (and not that fake soft junk, it's the real deal)! He actually *wanted* me to post this, which is unheard of for him.

This is the first good look I've gotten of my eye post-surgery. You can see how the new cornea is still a separate piece of tissue covering most of my iris. See the black lines that look like numbers on a clock? Those are the stitches. Still got at least 3 months to go on those.

My first-ever attempt at homemade bread. It's braided. 😉 #nofilter

Special cake for my Valentine. Cream cheese pound cake with homemade butter cream frosting.

Daddy-Daughter Valentine Banquet.

My little all-star wouldn't shoot the entire game, even though we kept yelling for her to. She just kept passing it. Finally, she decides to shoot it with just TWO SECONDS left in the game, she's much further from the basket than anyone had shot the whole game, and BOOM she NAILS IT. It didn't bounce off the backboard, it went straight in. Beautiful shot. The whole gym was on their feet and screaming!

Made churro waffles for supper. Good night for #comfortfood .

My first ever attempt at sausage cheese balls. #yum

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