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Every day: Something wilts and something blooms.

In May of 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, my life revolved around moving. My mind was on selling a house or picking a house or packing a house or asking--always asking--where is home? I'm not sure I ever answered that question, but somewhere along the way I stopped asking. I stopped asking and I stood still.

I've lived and explored in some beautiful places. But never have I breathed air like here. "Do you smell that?!" I squeal, when the sweet Christmas of Douglas fir fills my nose. "Do you smell that?!" I squeal, when sunshine and rain mingle. "Do you smell that?!" I squeal, when the salt air curls up from the sea. "Do you smell that?!" I squeal, when it smells like absolutely, gloriously nothing at all.

You're one in a million and one of 8 billion. You're a shining treasure, a fabulous snowflake, and an essential piece of something so much greater than you.

The sky right now is making me crazy, climb-the-walls nostalgic for solo nights at the edge of Georgian Bay. If any one of you happens to be out there right now, please dip in a toe and tell her I say hello.

I've never stepped foot on these stairs without a little bzzzzzzzzzzzzz of excitement in my belly. Wondering, as always, how many places like these are out there, waiting, knowing I'll find them eventually... And reminding you, as always, if you don't like where you are, take a step! Today. Even a small one. xx.

I had a chance this week to explore the site of the largest dam removal project in U.S. history. My jaw (and stomach) dropped when I peered 210 feet over this edge. And then my heart soared sky-high when I read about the ecological impacts of restoring the Elwha River to its former raging glory, and the role the National Parks Service has played in this incredible transformation. To all the men and women who are doing this type of amazing work, day in and day out, without a heck of a lot of recognition, ughhhhhhhh I just wanna hug you ALL. And so do the fish, the trees, the animals, and the sky. 💕🐟 It's easy to take them for granted, even as we happily reap the benefits, but this country would be a very different place without its protected areas.

Most of the time my iPhone is my favourite camera I've ever had. It's with me everywhere I go. It fits in a pocket, a purse, the palm of my hand. It keeps me connected to you---yes YOU! Hi!--and it's such a breeze to pull out with no more notice than a gasp of breath, a narrowing of eyes, and a well-rehearsed scramble of fingers and thumbs. But sometimes the scene before me is so much greater than this little glowing rectangle, I wish I had a camera powerful enough to snap its jaws wide and swallow the moment whole. Until then I give to you this: A blink of my phone, the thud of my heart, a universe soft and soggy and all to myself... Camping will *always* be my very favourite exhale.

Four years of marriage... Four years of front camera family portraits... Four years of hanging out with the best guy I know. Happy anniversary, @matthewjay. Thanks for celebrating with me under the sky and beside the sea and with Canada waving at us from just a handful of miles away. You know what's good in this life. Thank you for sharing it with me. ❤️

For me, camping means setting early with the sun and then spending most of the next morning trying to remember what day of the week it is. I love climbing out of my own rhythms and into the earth's.

The blast of catastrophe will always outshine the slow burn of sadness. But today I honour the flicker of private disappointments, hardly noticeable to all but the closest few. I acknowledge the toll they take, the way they shape our hopes and distort our perception of our essential selves. I am hurting so quietly these days, I feel almost invisible most of the time. And it reminds me that others are experiencing the same. Today I see you. xx.

Today is the anniversary of the day we met, five years (and a dozen lifetimes) ago in Toronto. My heart's wings were beating so hard that day, standing at the arrivals gate, waiting waiting waaaaaiting, that by the time I laid eyes on you, finally face-to-face, up and away it went, aloft... 🎈<--my heart. Happy first day of all the days, @matthewjay!

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