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I feel a scraped-back, laid-bare kinship with low tide. This season keeps asking me: What's under your waves?

Sending my love off on a sweet solo adventure for his 38th birthday. Not into these woods, but out of them--into the city and into himself. Because we never stop needing those journeys, even as we grow up and get married. Even as me becomes us and us is so cozy and so safe and what more could we ever really need? I love you as my husband, @matthewjay. And I love you, too, as the man you were long before we met. See you tomorrow for cake. 💕

We have the same bangs. 💁🏻

The world is calling, but my bed's still huggin' me tight...

Spring and winter, sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g......... 🎶

Yesterday's winter wonderland is a ghost town.

Awake as always, far too late, I can hear the rain outside in the darkness, rinsing away the snow. Is it selfish to think that it fell just for me? That some dear old snow in Canada called up the clouds above Washington and told them about a girl down below who could reeeally use just a few familiar flakes from home?

I went full Abominable Snowman on today. Flakes were clinging to my hat, to my hair, to my scarf, to my nose, to my lips to my knees to my heart.

Today we are so still.

I'm all hearty-eyed and starry-hearted, revelling in the first big snowfall since we moved to this neighbourhood. Schools are closed, streets are quiet, and the shuffle-crunch of my boots is the company of a long missed friend.

His name is Crocket.

I'd never had my personal perspective derisively dismissed as lefty, leftist, liberal, or "libtard" until I moved to the United States. I'd never actually even considered it as such. I've always assumed myself, relative to the people around me and the world at large, to be pretty politically moderate. Then again, I was never assigned a team until I moved to the United States. Left - Right. Democrat - Republican. Us - Them. Me - You. With us - Against us. It's like every conversation takes place on the well-worn turf of a sports field. And the moment one sees I might be wearing different colours, their curiosity about where I'm coming from fades. Because they think they already know.