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I've got a long to-do list. Somewhere between a polar expedition and *finally* trying an IHOP pancake is my dream of taking a cruise from Seattle to Alaska. And when we moved to Washington, I realized with a happy gasp that an Alaskan cruise is now SUPER attainable. Every day I watch the ships chugging in and out and in and out, and I imagine what the passengers are thinking, doing, seeing.... Sometimes I wave. Sometimes I squeal. It never, ever gets old.

Just a little grey koala and some otters. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We spent today in Port Townsend, WA. Port Townsend is a vibrant little city on the northeastern tip of the Olympic Peninsula, best known for its Victorian architecture, liberal vibes, and a bustling downtown waterfront. It's not unusual to find us here on weekends, shopping, wandering, catching a movie, or just soaking it all in with smiles salty from the sea air. Have I mentioned lately how much I adore Washington?

Today I took this photo. I could write a caption about "reflecting" or I could just reflect--on this day and the utter horror I feel, on silence from a supposed leader and the impassioned words of those who have stepped up to fill his void. As a rule, I surround myself with the brave, the creative, the compassionate, the articulate, and the curious. "Life's too short!" we say. "Life's too short for the toxic, for the cruel, for those unwilling to engage from a place of empathy and educated insight. Life's too short to listen to those who don't seem to know when they have nothing to say." But what if that's not enough? What if life is in fact too short to stay still, to stand still, to feel safe in our echo chambers? I reflect. I reflect. I reflect. I reflect.

This is a sunset during wildfire season. But so lucky for us, the air smelled finally fresh. The salty sea wind whipped my hair like it hasn't in weeks. And I tumbled back in the door with red, happy cheeks. Hello, I am ready for autumn. 🙋🏻

I like my flowers wild and purple.

Out and about today, doing doctory things and errandy things and nothing really special at all, literally *every single person* I passed on the sidewalk either smiled, said hi, or smiled and said hi. What the heck, guys?! Is there something in the air?? It was so much fun feeling the good vibes snowball, as each encounter made ME smile, in turn making others smile, and on and on it went. If I might make one suggestion for your day: Lob a smile out there, please! Let's keep it rolling. xx.

Freshly picked blackberries + freshly whipped cream. It's totally okay to have this for lunch, right?


Before the smoke rolled in, we could see forever. And I actually (stupidly) uttered the words, "Ugh. I'm getting sick of blue sky!" A swift 24 hours later, the wind stilled, the air grew heavy, and smoke from a dozen wildfires set up camp in the sky above our home. Needless to say, lesson learned. Breathe easy, friends. xx.

I am happiest, I think, when my edges blur. When my ego melts. When I am outside. People do all sorts of things to get this feeling: They drink. They do drugs. They have empty, aching sex. They scramble in all the ways they know how, to forge a bridge up and out of their loneliness, across that awful divide... If only, I think, they could stand alone in a forest and never feel alone again.

I woke up today feeling restless so we took an impromptu trip to heavennnn.

A freshly scrubbed perspective is the surest window to magic. xo.

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