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What do you think?

To the ones who got up this morning focused on their blessings and not the stress.
To the ones working right now,
on the way to workout right now,
and the ones recharging without a worry right now...
Enjoy growing!

Happy Friday!
There is no replacement for authenticity.

Good morning,
Hug somebody today. 😊

‪Remember not to get lost in trying to show people parts of you they aren't supposed to see. ‬The truth is, none of us are easy to date, deal with, or please all the time. We each have our vices, attitudes, and way of doing things that make us who we are. You won't like everything about somebody, it's impossible. Life isn't about finding the perfect person, it isn't about living a fairy tale. It's about finding something you're willing to work for, with somebody who's willing to work with you.

If you were here last year, you already know..
#NYTHC 🔰🔥 & #WhatHappenedToRnB 💔🎶 join forces once again to serenade Spartans & friends during homecoming weekend!
This year though, the turn up heightens.
Meet us at @origamiva on Saturday October 20th 10p-2a.
Your favorite R&B host @bossbags returns to the mic with @dot.artis & @iwonthisrace 🎤
Soundtrack of R&B greats of yesterday & today provided by @supremethedj x @nine9tothe2000 🎶🔥
Don’t sleep!
Log on to for more info & tickets now. 📲

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Stay focused.
Not everyone will understand your process and that is okay.
Be thankful some people didn’t have the vision to recognize you. They would’ve took you on an unnecessary detour.

Enjoy growing.
#TheMissingPiece 📸: @cornerstonecaptures

The actions of other people have very little to do with you.
Allowing ourselves to get sucked into the emotions of others is one thing… but one of the more difficult problems is allowing the actions of other people to affect how we judge ourselves.
Don’t take it personal.
Reaffirm your value.
Be compassionate.

I recently joined @theculturecreators for their CULTURE CHAT series.
The topic was love and dating. It was a fun and spirited conversation with cocktails by Hennessy.
#CultureCreators #CultureChat #LeVoyage #Hennessy

Time and choices.
Make the most of both.

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