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Had a lovely time when #calvinkellysayido. Although they spent most of their adulthood overseas, yet so many people were so excited to see them. And else I had a reminiscence with @accent_wo who were super fun! And bunch of crazy Axioo Bandits who always lighten up the mood, good to see you guys @ivanmario @sandyjaya @daveteru @ryanphedra. Picture taken by @aksimasa

After 6 years with a lot of ups and downs, they finally made it last night. Seeing how you manage to handle long distance relationship, how you grow confidence in each other , and strengthen commitment really inspires me. Congratulations @gerryadrianw and @michelinejag! Wish you happily ever after! @gerrymicheline. Picture taken by @aksimasa. #gerrymichelineday

Happy birthday Om @minbrutus, we love you like we love our parents. Thank you for being such a great uncle,mentor,friend, may your life blessed with a lot of happiness ahead!

Hai guys ! Kangen nggak sama vlog gua? vlog kali ini adalah edisi #ngacak2rumah @andinieffendi . Gua lihat kamar tidurnya, kulkasnya, dan foto-fotonya dirumahnya. Benda apa yang ada dirumah Andini yang kalian enggak bisa tebak?

Andini kali ini juga jujur mengenai status-nya, jadi yuk lihat full videonya di link on my profile !

#producinghappiness #hatefreezone

Big congratulations to my bro @liongara and @oliviaoliv88. You guys are FUNTASTIC, crazy, and deeply in ❤️. Words can ever described how happy I am to see you guys finally made it. The celebration was even more beautiful with flowery decoration by ko @yu_cienlotus, well organized by @divine.wo and energetic performance by @kanaentertainment. And also I got the chance to meet my long lost brother @namasayasandro, what a night to remember. Wish you happily ever after @liongara and @oliviaoliv88. #araolivelovestory

Thank for the pic @aksimasa

I'm so happy for these lovebirds @adidj17 and @delz.13 . Roads were not easy but they managed to get trough with the power of commitment and love. For rich or poor, quick or slow may you both know nothing but happiness from this day forward. It's even more special that I could get in touch with my long lost brothers @mr_patriot @ferdiekristoforus @arrifan. Good to see you guys!

Photo taken by : @aksimasa

You and me holding hands till the world ends

@rezerdewi punya segudang pengalaman di dunia Entertainment kan? gimana kalau gua tantang dia akting jadi Syahrini dan Cinta Laura?

aktingnya enggak biasa karena gua suruh akting telpon supir yang budeg !

enjoy it guys !

Newest video link is on my profile.

#producinghappiness #hatefreezone

Selamat #kahiyangbobby! Salut sama kalian yg seharian pake pakaian adat, saya pake 3 jam aja, berasa langsung kurus.

Thanks @rudisyukur buat fotonya!

Well it's out guys!

Kadang kita jauh lebih cepat click sebelum think. Kita berpikir mungkin artis itu objek tanpa perasaan, padahal mereka adalah manusia biasa.

Dewi Rezer memilih untuk mendiam-kan ocehan hatersnya di Instagram, bukan berarti dia kebal tetapi memilih untuk dewasa.

Tapi kali ini gua kasih kesempatan untuk menanggapi ocehan hatersnya di instagram. Comment yang ditanggapin adalah comment real di instagram.

You can watch it on http://bit.ly/2j4Sffu

Inget dunia sudah penuh dengan cacian, bagaimana kalau kita isi dengan pujian?

enjoy it guys !


Well guys, this is what you've been waiting for. Selama ini @rezerdewi terkesan cuek dengan beragam ocehan haters-nya. Tapi sekarang dia bales! ENG ING ENG. Full version uploaded tommorow.
#ProducingHappiness #HatefreeZone

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