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Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker  The new album is up on Spotify. If you like it, buy the actual album and support the scene.

It's a pleasure to make music together with friends. Today Nicke put down some really tasty drums on two songs and also had some great ideas about arrangement. Thanks Johanna for taking a picture! Have a nice weekend folks! #robertpehrssonshumbucker #thedifficultthirdalbum

Is it a bass or a guitar? Honestly, I don’t know. It sounds cool! #robertpehrssonshumbucker #thedifficultthirdalbum

Tune in to Rocket Radio show today at 17.15. Yours truly will do some talking to the host Ed O Neil. #robertpehrssonshumbucker

Goals. It’s important to have goals. My goal for this album is to have it out in shorter time than the previous albums. At the same time I’m also burying myself in more work than ever before. Besides writing, playing guitar and singing, I’m producing, engineering and possibly mixing this new one. Oh, I also work a day job. My shrink tells me to slow down. No way. #robertpehrssonshumbucker #thedifficultthirdalbum

My first effort to show you some of the stuff I use in the studio. I might or might not get better at this. Sorry about the sniveling, I have a cold. #robertpehrssonshumbucker #thedifficultthirdalbum

Trying to catch a glimpse of light before heading back into the studio. #robertpehrssonshumbucker #thedifficultthirdalbum #dvitamin

My good friend Robert Eriksson from the mighty Hellacopters laid down drums on two new trax today! Robert has played live with us many times, so it was due time for us to record together for the new album! #robertpehrssonshumbucker #thedifficultthirdalbum

After playing guitar for 12 hours. #thedifficultthirdalbum #robertpehrssonshumbucker

Recording Guitars. Starting with a real tricky song. It’s driving me mad already. #robertpehrssonshumbucker #thedifficultthirdalbum

Jakob laying down drums on a track with the working title “Rock my Rainbow”. #robertpehrssonshumbucker #thedifficultthirdalbum

Experimenting with overhead microphones for recordings to come. A big thanks to @mmsbackline for providing us with top notch crashes, rides, hi hats and a nice Ludwig snare! #robertpehrssonshumbucker #thedifficultthirdalbum #thebeardalbum

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