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robert mcmullen I follow the Lord. I donate to charities! Health, Wealth, and Happiness!

God bless evryone. Please send prayers to my son who is fighting cancer. He got cancer when he was 12.
Thank you and God bless.

Watch out for a guy on instagram that is claiming to be a no scam zone, legit logo business, 100% legal.
He states that if you invest 100 dollars they will flip it and send you 1000 dollars, or invest 200 dollars and get 2000 dollars and so on. He will ask you to send the money by western union. Please if you come across this scam dont fall for it and report his sorry butt. I hate to see people get hurt by these guys. God bless and please share with your friends.

I wish the Lord Jesus Christ would clense our world. God bless.

We should all get in on the Bitcoin rush. It is going to get huge in the near future so now is the time to get started.
God bless.

I would love to take this on a month long vacation. God bless.

Is this where you would like to live? Personally I would rather live more modest and help other people live a better life.
God bless.

Let me help you.
God bless you.

Who wants to make enough money to live in a home like this one? You can if you really want to and if you have the right systems and mentors and a good work ethic. In the past mentors would tell people that they had to find one business and focus only on that one income stream. Well that is flawed thinking. If you only have one income stream and one day that stream runs dry then you have no income. You need to have several income streams in todays market. What you need to do is find one and focus on it until it is making you between 5k and 10k a month then add another stream and work that one until it is bringing in the same as the other one. And just repeat until you are happy with what you got. Take your time this is not a race, remember slow and steady wins the race. Good luck and God bless you all.

Amazing! These cars are covered in diamonds. Now these are for someone with tons of money. I wouldnt want one because i would worry that people would be trying to scrape the dimonds off. I would hate to see how much the insurance would be on one. LoL. If you got in an accident would you call the body shop or the jeweler? God bless all.

Wow, look at all the money! It has been said that money is the root of all evil. Money is not evil but what people do with money can be evil. To make sure that I never do evil I donate at least half of my money to help others. There is nothing evil about making lots of money as long as you dont use it to do bad. When you are looking for a system to make money online ignor the flashy pictures and pay attention to the fine print. God bless you.

When you are looking for a way to make money online or from home please do not look with a greedy eye. People will try and blind you to their real intentions by flashing lots of cash and checks at you. This way you think about making all that money and you dont pay attention to the actual program or product they want you to buy. God bless you.

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