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Robert Ljuba  -RWD V8 GC8 | #powerplenty -TBTM Manager | @teamburnthemost -New Balance 99X Advocate (US11) | @teamnb

"Making the best means doing lots of little things right. It means never mistaking fastest or cheapest with the best. It means always using formulas that do not cut corners, and choosing components strictly for their quality." | @horweenleather x @newbalance | @teamnb

Serrano Del Sol looking beautiful and lush

As a collector of footwear; you come across some pretty cool people as you hunt down your favorite pairs from past to present. @noooaah and I have been in contact for some years now, and he always had some serious NB's especially his custom 998's. One pair of his that continuously had me drooling was this 990PS. I would ask him on a consistent basis to sell them, but the repeated answer was always, "no". Just a few days ago I got a message from him asking if I was still interested, and without hesitation I replied, "yes". He was choosing to downsize his collection and I had first dibs on these beauties! They are now in-hand and looking better than ever with that royal purple pop. Thank you homie for supplying me with 3 of my 6 99X series! You're the man, and I can't thank you enough. | @newbalance 990PS | @teamnb

@newbalance x Crooked Tongues (RIP) | 577YBL 'Black Sword' | @teamnb

Brazilian starfish

White Bhut Jolokia

35 years of craftsmanship, dedication and passion compiled and commemorated within 4 pairs. @newbalanceuk you really outdid yourself on this one.

@cncpts x @newbalance | 997 Rosè | @teamnb


Often I pat myself on the back when I get my guys/gal on @teamburnthemost | @crickfilippi @trailer_joe @tbtmelijah @crystalhooks | the support they need to do what they love, but to hear from someone on the outside looking in is a very gratifying feeling. To be noticed for your hard work that isn't in plane sight speaks volumes. Thank you @corypalo for your kind words. They mean a lot.

Ox Blood | @newbalance 991 | @teamnb

Do you own and love your 08-14 Silverado or 10-15 Camaro? You don't want thieves swapping in their hacked PCM to steal your pride and joy right? Well here is the 'fix' for one of the most popular cars/trucks stolen. They're built in the US and of great quality. The cost is $150 and you can get yours by contacting @gadgedizzle .

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