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One word to describe the show last night? Perfect. ItS been 3.5 years since FTSK played as a band and that show was rocky. And raw and perfect. #welcomehomeftsk @ftskband #foreverthesickestkids #ftsk #sowhat? !

Oh fuck in so excited for this little sideshow extravaganza! ❤❤️

It's always attention for me.

Omg. ❤️🖤🖤🖤🖤

@metrostationmusic last night was such a good time. Some snap videos #metrostation

FRNKIERO && The Patience

|| 🎵🎶🎵🎶
This is the faith complex;
Try not to write another disappointing letter to integrity.
Only go faster when you've stopped and thought,
Only go slower when you've learned of wisdom.
Everything is a question of goodwill,
But we're too busy delivering answers with arrogance.
Isn't it funny how ones compassion diminishes when his or her own perils rise?

It's not all about the numbers,
What should we ask for?
Who should we look to if all we know is burning bridges?
Don't speak to me like I'm a stranger.
Turn your thoughts to the roots,
As we've all been caught up in the branches.

Yup, he's mine.

Literally, My Life.

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