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Robert Follis Memorial  I’ve taken over this IG account to post pieces of his life so we all have a place to share memories. A link to a memorial speech is below. - Myra

Follis sweep #follismma #bjj

Literally my favorite person ever. 🌎
Since his death, people have mentioned to me that they admire my strength through this entire process. That I’m “brave.” That I’m “positive.” Though I appreciate that people might see me this way, I’m not sure I am those things. I think I have just found that when there are things that you cannot control, there is an odd peace that comes along with acceptance. And maybe that strength, however it might appear to people, really just comes from my journey to center.
I know that Robert didn’t want people to see him as “less than” the person they saw him to be when he knew that he battled internally, and he battled incessantly. And so he hid it. He masked it so well that most people had no idea what was killing him inside. Looking through his books and reading some of them, it is clear to me just how hard and how long he tried to understand and heal himself.
My point is that it’s perfectly normal to not be okay at times. And it’s healthy to admit when you’re not.
People say all the time that they are there to talk to a friend who feels suicidal. But it’s the person who feels depressed that should do the talking, and the friend that should do the listening. We all think we know how to listen, but I think most of us give ourselves too much credit. If you can’t listen to something you don’t agree with and not argue your own feelings, then maybe you are not such a good listener (for this purpose). We could all stand to improve.

From Joe Ham:
“Coach didn’t have to but on a trip through Nebraska he stopped and put on a small clinic that touched all of our lives. I will never forget that day or his smile and attitude through the whole thing. Watching him over the years and seeing him change peoples lives was awesome. I’m happy to this day that I got to spend time with him.”

I got this pic the other day. 🤗
“This is from Feb 98. While we were at Straight Blast Gym in Oregon. Matt Thornton, Tom Oberhue, Nate Quarry, Jeff Wesson and Eric Hemphill among some of those in the picture.”

A brief explanation on what makes the difference between being highly successful and not, despite (or in spite of) a person’s measure of natural talent. Also, you can totally ignore his misspelling of the word “psychology.” 🤔

Robert appears to be wearing a Tapout shirt and a sport jacket. Or as I like to call it, a wardrobe mullet. 🤨 He was an invited speaker to some insurance sales people, and this was his brief description of what a “fight” is, as it relates to sales, or anything else in life.

He was always a cat guy, especially in South Africa.

Chael Sonnen vs Tim McKenzie, Bodog Costa Rica 2007

I think I found a hundred photos of Nate with a black eye. 🤕

Robert with Kevin James. 💪🏻
If anyone has info about any of the pix (or video) I post, with regards to people, timeline/year, event, or a background story, please please please feel free to say so! I only know bits and pieces, so anything would feel good to know. It might help fill in some blanks for me, no matter the detail. Or tag people. I’d rather someone else do the tagging other than me from this account, so I don’t further freak out people. 😊

There is no better #TBT to my favorite not-so-tiny dancer!
What better way to end a day of teaching the Denver Nuggets cheerleaders self defense than to dance with them? 😂
#follismma #selfdefense #denvernuggets #notsotinydancer

Hi everyone! I’m Myra, Robert’s girlfriend. I’ve decided to take over his IG account, and make it sort of a memorial. I wanted a place to share pictures, videos, and other things related to him. And I didn’t necessarily want to flood my own account with them, so I figured this would be the ideal place.
Thank you all for being part of what made him such a phenomenal human being. I love him and miss him, and I know you all do, as well.

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