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Robert Clark  Photographer/director @atedge

My thoughts are going out to all Veterans today, but most especially to my father Russ Clark. My Dad enlisted in the Navy after Pearl Harbor, he was rejected because of a hernia, he went and had the operation and then set out with his classmates where he fought in the Atlantic and Pacific. Love you.

More images from one of my trips to AngkorWat in SiemReap #Cambodia. I was in country working on a story about the threat of water to the temples, both from the past and the current over use, which is causing in stability in the buildings. I was in the are on assignment for @NatGeo. Angkor Wat is one of my favorite places on earth. The temples are some of the most unique from any civilization.

Being a son of Kansas I could not be more proud of my home state!

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Some more pictures from my edit on a project from #SiemReap, #Cambodia. An view from above, a stone mason, a remote temple & a boat maker. @leica_camera

Editing & processing pictures from Cambodia for some large-scale prints.
This picture was taken in Ta Prohm one of the Temples in the temple complex of #AngkorWat near Seim Reap, Cambodia. The picture became the cover of @NatGeo.
Ta Prohm is the modern name of a temple built in the Bayon style largely in the late 12th and early 13th centuries and originally called Rajavihara. The control of water & heavy rains which repeatedly flooded the complex lead to the capital of the empire to be moved to Phnom Pen. @atedge @thephotosociety @leica_camera

Hanging out with @davesweeneyphoto in #Brazil....the fog comes rolling in.

I love when you are editing/reorganizing and find something you forgot about that reminds you of a time and surprises you.
I shot these Ape hands as part of a story “Was Darwin Wring” for @natgeo. This is pre-digital for me, and I was using type 55 #Polaroid so that I could have a beautiful creamy negative to make a print from. This was dot on my 4x5 #Sinar in 2008. By the way Darwin was not wrong.

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Ok, so I said butterflies, but instead, I chose a moth. Because of how fragile both moth's and butterflies are, they don't show up very often in the fossil record. Not until recently have scientist agree upon when they appeared. They have settled on the Jurassic period, give or take a few million years.
The above is a swallowtail moth from Cambodia, #LyssaZampa, they are also found in China and #Singapore and #Borneo.

This Collection is not in my archive, sadly, but I would be in huge trouble if it were. I was able to shoot a beetle collection that belonged to Alfred Russel Wallace. I was able to shoot this collection for “The Man who Wasn’t Darwin” for @natgeo.
Wallace along with Darwin conceived of #NaturalSelection to be the vehicle that propelled evolution forward. Wallace wrote Darwin a letter in 1858 proposing the idea, an idea which Darwin had been restlessly trying to prove to himself ever since he set foot back in England from his five-year voyage on the Beagle.

The collection was found in a Wallace ancestral home and lovingly repaired by @GeorgeBeccaloni of the #BritishMuseum.

1of3 Looking into my archive of #bats, #beetles & #butterflies. I do mean that this bat is in my studio.

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