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Robert Zhao Renhui  Artist, SG


Preparing for ‘the world as forest’ So happy to be able to go through Dr Herbert Weidner’s collection here in the Zoologisches Museum of Hamburg. Weidner spent his life with insects, in particular insects that have set out to destroy us and everything we own. Thank you Anna-Sophia Springer and Etienne Turpin for inviting me for this amazing exhibition cycle which begins this October in Hamburgs natural history museum, then Berlin and Salle last! - The exhibition cycle has the aim of realizing the multiplicative potential of art, media, and natural history which, when provocatively exhibited together, solicit transformative engagements with this fragile planet and its perilous forests. Verschwindende Vermächtnisse combines contemporary works of art, site-based field research, archival materials, and natural history collections to consider the history and legacy of European colonial science in the tropical rainforests of South America and Southeast Asia. The project aims to foster a deep public awareness about the role these forests play in maintaining a habitable climate for the entire planet, and to develop durable cultural literacies to discuss and respond to ecological crises. Using a transdisciplinary curatorial strategy committed to provocative encounters and epistemic promiscuities, Verschwindende Vermächtnisse will demonstrate the potential of contemporary art as a cultural lens through which a plurality of perspectives on colonial-scientific history and environmental violence can reorient visitors’ comportment to global environmental issues.

Artistic directors: Anna-Sophie Springer and Etienne Turpin

Saving Singapore's Bats, one highway at a time. Coming to @rockbundartmuseum this October.

A series of images exploring Yurisa Nanjio?s collection of chicken eggs of different shape and sizes from around the world. Yurisa also worked as a chicken sexer at the Miyaza Poultry Farm. She has the rare ability to determine the sex of chicks right after they are born. Determining the sex of baby chicks is of vital importance in the poultry world where only the hens are the wanted sex for egg-laying. Chicken sexing, a process which has remained unchanged for the last 50 years, is done with machine-like speed and accuracy - but it takes split-second judgements that only a human can make. After they have been identified, the male chicks are then taken away to be killed in a meat grinder. #egg #chicken #chickensexer #criticalzoologists

Thank you @quaibranly :) my residency project "137 years" was really fun! Photo credit @alibao_

Indifferent to the climate, except during their vacations when they rediscover the world in a clumsy, arcadian way they naively pollute what they don't know, which rarely hurts them and never concern them. - The natural contract, Michel Serres

The Nature Museum #sifa #criticalzoologists

V happy to have The Institute of Critical Zoologists take up home at @theatreworkssg 72-13 for the last 2 weeks! Thank you Ong Keng Sen for this opportunity to present The Nature Museum with @joltahn for @sifa_sg ! #criticalzoologists #sghistory #nature #malaymagic

Christmas Island, Naturally at Shanghart Shanghai till November :) thanks to all who made this happen...

The Nature Museum is showing for the last night tomorrow. Come listen to the stories that @joltahn and I have put together based on the materials I've been collecting for the last 5 years. We still have some tickets at the door :) @sifa_sg “Nature", or "wilderness" after all, is a construct borne out of European people’s inability to interact symbiotically with the world around them. The potential for non-human narratives has barely entered our consciousness.

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