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Robert Zhao Renhui  Artist, SG

Opening Of a Reclaimed Land

Some works I’m showing at Yinchuan Biennale, “starting on the edge, ecologists on the edge” :) , photo credit Anna Lovecchio @
MOCA Yinchaun

A guide to the flora and fauna of the world, At Art Basel with @shanghartgallery @shanghart.singapore ! @suryodarmomel

All the documents, Institute of Critical Zoologists, at this photo espana, curated by Cristina de Middel @lademiddel (thank you!) , so happy to be part of the festival!

It was an amazing and intense Fast Forward Festival in Athens by Katja Arfara! My life is changed! Thanks to all the scientists and organisations that helped me out with uncovering the invisible stories of nature that lie in plain sight of this amazing city. I was really thankful for the unwavering support given to me during my 2 months here in the creation of The Nature Museum that appeared in the middle of the city. Thanking all of you with so much love! @thekap1987 Theodora Kapralou, @amaliakavali Amalia Kavali, @joltahn Joel Tan, Christos Georgiadis, Dimitra Dernikou, Panagiotakopoulos Vassilis!

At the end of the tour :
These are the X-rays taken by ANIMA during a period of 3 months. They are X-rays of birds. Pigeons, Song-birds, Eagles and Owls. ANIMA takes the x-rays to see where the birds are injured (birds cannot speak) or to determine their cause of death. Take a closer look and you see that there are two foreign objects in the body of the birds. The long white sticks are splinters inserted by vets to set the broken wings of the birds. Their wings are broken due to collision with buildings. Then you will notice tiny white dots you see in some of the bodies of the birds. These are bullets, or the shrapnels from a shotgun. The presence of multiple white dots suggests that the bird has been shot multiple times. photo credit : Panagiotakopoulos Vassilis

The Nature Museum, my collaboration with Greek Visual Artist Katerina Zavakou opens today at 15 Derigny Street, the home of Giorgos Charonidis, who spent almost 50 years chronicling the natural world in Athens. I am so thankful to be invited by Katerina to go through Giorgos's collection to create new work. Had real fun working with Theodora Kapralou @thekap1987 , @joltahn and @amaliakavali for bringing this research alive. Great to have the scientists at Zoological Museum of the University of Athens - ZMUA contribute to the contextualising of our show. This is part of Οnassis Cultural Centre Athens's Fast Forward Festival 5. Thank you Katja Arfara for believing in our work (its been amazing!), and Keng Sen Ong for commissioning this for the Singapore edition back in SIFA17! The Nature Museum, Athens > At the heart of Athens' encounters with nature lies a deep story of violence and survival: rivers disappear while urbanized roads emerge, and wildlife bears the brunt of social and spiritual crises. Employing the Institute’s full range of investigative methodologies, the artefacts on display include archival images and historical texts, research papers, documentary photography and installation, all focused on the ways communities have interacted with nature in different time periods and geographical regions. In tracking these encounters and their histories, using methods drawn from historical knowledge-production to contemporary urban ecology, this show unites multiple strands of knowledge into a single museological encounter.

We don't build nests while in captivity, 2018. Largest Nest In Greece, brought to you by the invasive Monk Parakeet, for The Nature Museum, Fast Forward Festival 5, Athens! my collaboration with the very talented Greek artist, Katerina Zavakou! Together with Theodora Kapralou & Joel Tan. Giorgos Charonidis first released hundreds of these from the cages of the national gardens in the hope to see these birds build their huge nests when he realised they don't build nests while in captivity. #criticalzoologists #nest #quakerparrot #monkparakeet #athens #greece #nationalgarden

Useless Insects Vol 1. Insects that damage our food.
Collection of Dr. Herbert Weidner for Anna-Sophie Springer & Etienne Turpin from our recent visit to Hamburg University's Natural History Collection! A new work for "Disappearing Legacies: The World as Forest" opening on 26 April from 19h00 in Berlin!

Herbert Weidner's (1911–2009) scientific work was characterized by an enormous productivity and an ambivalent interest in the cultural-historical contexts of his field. He left hundreds of publications and thousands of specimens and models to the University of Hamburg's Entomological Collection. The focus of his work was the research on insects in the cultural field of humans and work on the systematics and faunistics of grasshoppers and termites. Weidner is also regarded as the co-founder of Urban Ecology. He dealt with the history of natural sciences and documented the development of entomology in Hamburg as well as the zoological collections in the former Natural History Museum Hamburg.

However, with his at times seemingly strange research on the cultural history of insects, Weidner also confirmed in his early creative phase the discourse of an awakening “nationalistic” [völkisch] appreciation of nature. In 1939, he spoke of a “renewal through National Socialism.” Seeing himself in a mediating role towards a nationalistic education of folklore and natural history, he devised a “folk zoology,” whose task it was “to foster our knowledge about our homeland and to strengthen the love we have for it.” Weidner wrote fundamental works of entomology and was widely respected for his broad overview in the field. He received numerous academic honours for his contributions to the field of entomology.

Happy Birthday, Adeline Chia! Have a good year!

An afternoon conducting a tour with 4 students from NTUADM into the forest behind @ntu_ccasingapore as part my residency here. More slots next week!

2 Eagles, a new installation in the trees for my residency at @ntu_ccasingapore! Thanks @isrudy for believing in the work and making it happen !

“Final report of the Christmas Island expert working group”, at the CCA till April 29! Had fun building the set for this show!

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