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When we see violence like we saw this past weekend, I think of the lives that were lost in Paris, in Brussels, in Nice...and every other city in our world that's been hit by terrorists. But that was different. "It's over there."
Now it's different for me. It's here. It's really here for me. For the whole country, it's been here and brewing for some time, in every neighborhood of our nation. As a society, we don't know how to debate. We only know how to punch, to shoot or to drive on a killing mission.
If that's not disgusting enough, let me top it off with what makes this one personal. This guy (...I can't even begin to type his name...)
This guy was living in my hometown: Maumee, Ohio.

I don't need to convince you what a great town Maumee was--and is--to grow up in. The people there are good, realllllllly good people.
There is no room on any block in Maumee, Ohio or in any other town in America as well as the rest of the world, for haters that murder. Our Constitution allows us Free Speech. It does not allow us to act out our hatred by killing.
My sweet Maumee used to just be known for being a great home for families. Some of those kids grew up and became sort of famous. We thank our hometown for all of the childhood memories that made us who we are.
We will not allow this sick person and his heinous act to stain the good name of our town.
My friends in Maumee: Hug your kids, let them know you love them...and your city. Love, Robert
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