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Christmas lights and Pokemans after meeting God himself. Minus @cgalati_43 because he's a dolt.

Happy birthday to this alien of a sister! tbh I don't even know if you're related to me you just sort of showed up and stuck around for 18 years but you're pretty alright so I don't mind. See you in like a week ratpoo

Studying? Sure, but let's study fungi instead. This glistening beast might be an aging Russula claroflava (flaaaav) or yellow swamp russula. Preferring moors, fens, and generally damp areas, this one was right at home amongst black spruce and sphagnum with a really high water table. Apparently also a choice edible! Bun Apple Keith?
#fungi #fungus #mushroom #procrastinating #learning #study #food #outdoors #getthefuckoutside #takeahike #eh #trees sorta #swamp #ogres likely #ihaventtakenmanyphotosrecently #boreal #forest #moss #mosstheverb #exams #notasbadastheycouldbe

"Look at this guy, t-shirt in november!" - some dude on High Street as I rode by.

I was saving this little dude until today because it looks like an #adorable saprotrophic candy corn. Mycena leaiana is a common #fungus that just does it's thing, decomposing #organic matter. But it does it in a spooky way, trust me, look at that thing. 🎃👻 Happy Halloween

THE SICKENER (legit that's one of Russula emetica's common names, I mean according to Wikipedia) is a fungus that forms mycorrhizal relationships with the roots of conifers, aiding them in nutrient absorption (usually nitrogen). This little cutie is actually fairly toxic if not cooked or pickled, which is a practical use of my lifelong motto "Unless they're blueberries, don't eat things on the forest floor" - Robert Scott 2016

Thou shalt not pimp my ride

Brief #lesson in #photography : #Aperture is the size of the hole that your #shutter opens to expose your sensor (or film) to light. It's one of the 3 settings that will affect the amount of light that reaches the sensor, the other two being shutter speed and ISO sensitivity. Aperture is measured in f-stops shown as f/n. This denotes the diameter of the opening in relation to the focal length of your lens (a 100mm focal length at f/20 has a 5mm aperture because 100/20 is 5 wow math). #Understanding aperture is key to achieving a range of depth of field. The half my photo on the left is shot at 20mm 1/8sec 400 f/3.5 while the right is at 20mm 1/80sec 400 f/11. A larger number means a smaller aperture and more in #focus where a lesser number means a larger aperture and less in focus!

Mills Block #conservation area treating me right before the weather gets colder. #fall in the #boreal is still really nice despite the lack of variety in the colours. .
Dkm #Canada #autumn #leaves #trees #tree #nature #hiking #getoutside #clean #superior #thunderbay #superiorbynature #wowcantthinkofthatmany

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