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Excited to tackle a big block of racing with this fool!

Hey y'all I'll be taking over the @mammothcrib Instagram page for my final weekend here in @visitmammoth! Follow their page so I can show you around this place and what it's been like to train here for the last 3 weeks... #breathingthroughastraw

Devil's Postpile. Not sure why it belongs to the devil but I don't question these things. I think I got one of the first bike rides of the year down to the valley to see it. Super awesome! And the climb back up to the mountain was sweet. Finally starting to push on the pedals up here at altitude. @visitmammoth @mammothcrib

Tioga Pass, the only route to Yosemite NP from the east. 20 km at 5% belies the middle 8 km at 8% all above 8000 ft elevation. I rode it conservatively, partly because, duh, this is hard, but also because it was the most spectacular mountain pass I have ever had the privilege to ride. Wish I had a camera that could do this place justice. Thanks to @visitmammoth and @mammothcrib for this incredible opportunity.

Ooof today was hard. But this was pretty sweet. @mammothcrib #visitmammoth long day in the saddle at altitude. Always a struggle. Also the landscape pics will not be stopping anytime soon.

Can't train too hard the first few days here. Yesterday was one of two "free" days when you don't need a license to fish. As if I was going to catch a thing. Loving it up here #visitmammoth @mammothcrib

Twin Falls in the foreground; awesomeness in the background. #mammothlakes @visitmammoth

Did some clambering on my first day here at @visitmammoth. Had to see this raging mountain stream close up. Also it's been two years since I did an altitude camp. 😱

This second place felt quite a bit different than stage 2 on the mountain. And I think it's safe to say that you haven't truly LOST a race until you've been passed with only a handful of feet remaining. I'll get over it...eventually, haha! @ian_garrison is the real deal folks.

Alone on top of a mountain...but still on the podium. That's unusual. Gotta make the most of the @tourdebeauce where the GC was shot on day 1 for me. We work for @rubencompanioni now. The hard part of the week comes on Sunday. 📸 @pasqualestalteri

All bread all the time on this account...until I leave home that is. Here we have another example of inescapable ability to fuck things up. Mixed a glorious 100% stone-ground whole wheat dough that went into the fridge last night to proof. When I opened up said fridge to retrieve the loaf I found a banneton halfway turned over with a sad squished loaf looking up at me, quizzically. In jamming 4 lbs of strawberries into the fridge yesterday I had moved the loaf. Turned out fine anyway.

Some loftier loaves this morning. First pic is spelt loaf post scoring. And then the finished products! Whole wheat came out perfect. Spelt needs a little more work on proofing and shaping but it's getting there. #sourdough #naturallevain

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