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Rob Dahm  YouTube World's first AWD 4 Rotor RX-7 01 Lamborghini Diablo

Coolest cake ever! If it's anything like a gtr it is automated enough to eat itself. #nissan #gtr

What a fun event! #nissan #gtr #r32 #r35 #mclaren #12c

At Milan Dragway. The H2 strikes fear into my heart. My palms get sweaty looking at it. Knees weak as well. #kawasaki #h2 #dragrace #gtr #milandragway

Oh no baby what is you doing??? Haha gotta give him credit I noticed it from a distance. And I'm just as guilty. #mazda #rx8 #rotary

Got the rest of the Smart Coils in for the 3 rotor. Thanks to @turblown for the fast service. The IGN1A has like 10,000 ground wires but makes for a super strong spark.

New video up now! Check out 3 things video games get wrong about the Saiga 12. Thank you Jaret for taking a good manly pic of me @jaretkeethler #saiga #12

This is genuine excitement. Not forced YouTube shock. Tomorrow's video dispels some interesting fallacies about shotguns in video games. #saiga #12 #shotgun #acog

I can't stop staring. Very impressed with the quality of what KR Imports delivered. Working on tuning it with the Adaptronic just to see what sort of improvements are made in a stock car with modern electronics. #nissan #r32 #krimports

Starting to get attached. I don't take on many Xpel clients because I treat each car like it's my own. Everything blue in the picture is protected. And caressed. And loved. Even the wall #ford #focus #rs #xpel

Wrapped edges. Y u do dis to me? It takes 15 min to Xpel a hood. But the way hoods have short pinch weld seams it becomes a challenge to make it stick properly. The worst part is when you've done a good job you can't even tell it's there. #xpel

I stayed up to capture this pedantic moment. A third of a million. But this isn't my moment. It's yours. I just get to be a minor focal point for a brief period in time. Many of the things I enjoy come in 3s. Rotors. Apex seals, triangles, illuminati... I've said too much. Regardless, I'm honored you all waste your time watching me ramble on about half true overly simplified easily googled facts about life. Considering my channel hasn't had a clear focus, its mind blowing it's gotten to this point. And since I haven't jumped the shark on a nonexistent theme to my videos, I can safely say the party is just beginning #youtube

Only in Monroe. Haha it's better if you don't understand what it means.

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